Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Digital Discussion and Sharing in Today's Lesson

Ever share some ideas in class and you forget what you said? Ever find a great picture or video and can't find it later when you need it? Ever want to show someone something interesting you discovered on-line and you just want to quickly post it? Well we're going to share some of our reactions to what we are learning in a digital way...

Today's Lesson Discussion will be an opportunity to share and record...

*What you know,
*What you've learned so far, and
*What you still wonder...
as we discuss Peace Day, Remembrance Day and  Child Labour... 

How are all these concepts connected? 

In the next couple days, you will share with your peers in an informal digital setting your thoughts and connections using a "digital wall" at 

Our discussion today will be digitally hosted at:
Click on the link and go to our digital discussion board. 
More information for using Padlet - see this video.

For future discussions and collaboration, we are going to try another site... Edmodo. 

Join Edmodo... It's a collaborative space for sharing...
"A free and safe way for students and teachers to connect
and collaborate."

To get to our private class page, go to  our class address...

The code you need to register is: qos44d

More on edmodo??

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