Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Transition practice work sheet

Revising the child labour monologue

1. To revise for content, reference the questions given on your original sheet with the assignment and graphic organizer (kid with soccer ball).

2. To revise for organization, read through your paragraphs. Ensure each paragraph has an opening and closing sentence. Read your paragraphs and look for transitions. You should have at least one or two per paragraph. 

Transition words - for connecting ideas 

3. To revise for word choice, grab a thesaurus! But ensure that you use "million dollar words" well. Include figures if speech like similes, metaphors and personification. Try to incorporate one figure if speech. Be sure that you have described life with specific adjectives and adverbs. Ensure that in at least 2 paragraphs you have described some aspect of your life. 

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