Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Math Ratios Question and MathRATIO Party!!

Bits and Bites - Part to Part Ratio Problems... Ratios are in your everyday life!!!

The following is the ratio of the components in a Bits and Bites mix...
Pretzles - 12, Cheezies - 8, Shreddies - 4, Cheerios - 12

1) How do you double the recipe? What is the proportion of ingredients?

2) How do you triple the recipe? What is the proportion of ingredients?

3) How many cheerios would you expect to see if the recipe was 50 times bigger?

4) If the above ratio was for a 100 grams, how many pretzels would you have for 350 grams?

Gummy Worm Question - Rates and Unit Rates
If 3 gummy worms weigh 32 grams, how many gummy worms would weigh 650 grams?
3 gummy worms/32 grams = ? gummy worms/350 grams... (Hint find the unit rate... then multiply ..)

The Golden Ratio Music Video... only the title of the song connects to ratios...

Edible Problems for Ratio, Rate and Proportion
On Friday, October 14, we will have a "Ratio Party" with the Grade 8 math class. Students are to bring an edible ratio or rate... With their food item, they must include a problem for ratio or rate and provide for the class to solve. Students may go in partners for the assignment. Due to food allergies, please DO NOT bring items that contain NUTS.
* If students do not want to bring an "edible ratio", they must write a Ratio or Rate problem and submit it to Ms. SM on Friday, as it is an assignment. ANSWER KEYS MUST BE INCLUDED. PROBLEMS MUST BE TYPED OR HANDWRITTEN NEATLY.
** Each problem must reflect the number of people in your group. It's a ratio... 1 person - 1 part to the problem, 2 people in the group - 2 parts to the problem... Make your problem include ratios, rates and proportions... Make sure it makes sense and is "solvable".


How can this diagram be a ratio? 

The Golden Ratio... Ratios in the human body?? How is the diagram below a ratio??

Ratios in Ancient Architecture..

Ratios in Nature... How is the natilus a ratio??