Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chilean Miners Rescue

We will be completing listening questions on the following videos (click the link to access the video), as well as reading articles about the Chilean miners who were trapped.

1. Watch this first video which explains the rescue effort from CBS (American newbroadcasting station)
"Chilean Miners Rescue Effort" (1:37)(from about 1 month ago).

2. Then watch the latest newscast from CBC (yesterday)
"Oldest Miners Reach the Surface" (7min 12 seconds)

"Chilean Miners Rescue Effort"
1. What do the rescue trucks carry?
2. Name 3 things that the narrow pipes are passing down to the miners?
3. How far is the mine underground?
4. How wide will the rescue tunnel be?
5. Why must rescuers go slowly when digging the tunnel?
6. What is the name of the makeshift village that the families are living in?
7. Why is this an appropriate name?

"Oldest Miners Reach the Surface"
1. Who is now being brought to the surface?
2. What kind of diet have these people been fed? Why?
3. How old is the oldest miner?
4. What is his name?
5. What does he do after he hugs and kisses his wife? Why is this act so significant?
**** Listen to the reporter on the Web Cam for the following...****
6. Why did children work in the mines many years ago in Chile?
7. What does the term, "Salt of the earth people" mean?
8. How many miners have been rescued so far, according to the video?
9. Name 2 health issues that the miners face?