Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday's assignments and updates

Grade 8, remember picture day is Wednesday! 

In ELA, be sure to complete the Terry Fox Viewing Questions and hand in Tuesday. Note all are on this blog. 

Tuesday we will be continuing the "Two Islands" questions. 

AR... In the next week you are to research and find a book which connects to our theme Global Citizens. This book can be current or futuristic but must relate in some capacity to making a positive difference in the world. Whatever book you choose, you will be expected to blog reactions and connections to our theme. Try to select an AR book. If it is not an AR book, let me know. 

Books may include: 
The Breadwinnner
Parvana's Journey
Mud city 
I am Taxi
War Brothers
We All Fall Down
.... Others added ASAP!!! 

Kidblog link

Students you are going to try out blogging in ELA! The purpose is to provide a real way of connecting to other students in our class and sharing ideas. Only students in our class have access to this blog, as it is a secure site, therefore the general public will not have access. Each of you will be provided with a userid and a password (which you are to change right away). To access our student blogging site, go to

and login with the information that I have provided you.

An assignment awaits you.............

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Terry Fox Viewing Reflection

Terry Fox And the Marathon of Hope

Video to watch:

Before viewing...
What did you think of yesterday's Terry Fox Run?

Read the questions below, so you are prepared to jot note responses.

During viewing...
As you watch this ESPN video, jot note your responses to the questions below. 

What connections can you make between the video and yourself? What challenges did Terry experience that you relate to?

What connections can you make with the video and other selections we've read or you have read? (Remember we are studying about what it means to be a global citizen)

What connections can you make with the video and the world? Are there events or people in the video that make you think of others?

Based on what you watched in the video, what was Terry like as a person? What evidence do you have to support this idea?

In addition to the actual the physical challenges Terry faced, what were some other challenges can you infer? How did he keep going?

After viewing...
Why do you suppose Terry's quest was called the Marathon of Hope? Why do you believe this? What evidence is there to support your opinion? 

Why is it important for students to learn about Terry Fox? Why do we show support every year with a Terry Fox Run? 

Why is it that the Terry Fox Run is honoured in more than 51 countries worldwide? Review the following site to for more evidence:

Take a look at pictures and videos from around the world:

Why do you think Terry Fox was an amazing Canadian hero that we should be proud of? 

More information on Terry Fox Foundation:

After Viewing Reflection...
In conclusion, watch the following video and think about why it's worthwhile for Canadians to participate in the Terry Fox run...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homework and Important Info

RAD (Reading Diagnostic Assessment) testing was Tuesday. We will finish up on Weds.

Free the Children paragraphs - all drafts was due today. Ample time and instruction was spent on six trait revision process, therefore students are expected to demonstrate what was learned in class.


Terry Fox run in the morning and canoeing in the afternoon. Wear appropriate clothing for both events. Please support the Terry Fox Foundation and donate what you can to Cancer Research!

NO SCHOOL! Enjoy the sun!

Sunday, September 22, 2013



This week's writing focus...

Writing Selection 1

Writing Selection 2

Discussion Points

Which piece is better? Why? 
  • Did the writer give us the exact words spoken or thought?
  • Did the author tell us how the narrator’s body reacted to different feelings?
  • Did the author use active verb s and pint pictures of what the narrator does?
  • Did the author use any specific words for sounds?

Show, Don’t Tell: An Overview of the Craft Element

1. Use active verbs to show what’s happening. (called, stepped, hung, though, swung, raised, pulled, watched, dropped, ran)
2. Use the exact words a character spoke (“Strike two!” the umpire called.)
3. Show the feelings of a character by what he does. (hung his head, heartbeat throbbing in my ears)
4. Paint pictures with specific words or groups of words. (I raised the bat over my shoulder and waiting, I dropped the bat and ran and ran and ran, first base.)


Grade 8's you were told about an opportunity to have a site where you could post homework etc.... So I created a class under the Edmodo site, which is free and limited to only students in our room. Please go to the Edmodo site to check it out.
In order to get in you will need the group code, which is...qos44d  - Just sign up with

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Grade 8 homework

Ensure that your vocabulary assign is complete for a "Global Citizen Is..." Was to be handed in on Friday. 

Free the Children paragraphs with all Traits Revisions were due Monday, as we are typing them for self, peer and teacher assessment. 

RAD or reading evaluations will take place Monday and Tuesday.

This Wednesday, there will be a Terry Fox run in the morning and canoeing in the afternoon. Be prepared with appropriate clothing and a water bottle. 

There is no homework in French. We are continuing our study of "the basics".

Google docs in Ed

Read article 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Opening Mass and homework

Opening Mass at St Cecilia on Friday... Be prepared to walk to the church and bring clothes for running for Terry Fox run in the afternoon! 

Homework - paragraph revisions for Free the Children. Good copy is due Friday! 

Terry Fox walk next week!

Bring donations for Terry Fox Foundation and support our hot dog sale!! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

library vidsLibrary Videos


Monday, September 16, 2013


There are two assignments that the grade 8's are expected to have in their agenda.

1. Reading Bell work Assignment Wifi article - In the lines (comprehension and analysis questions, as well as the Inferencing question and self responses to Just Talk About It (on loose leaf). Hand in before Tuesday morning.

2. Free the Children paragraph rough draft due Tuesday. 

* Students are expected to have completed a brainstorm/web of ideas; 

* then compose a 7-10 sentence paragraph (this includes a topic sentence, 5-7 supporting sentences to explain, provide facts and examples, and concluding sentence)

* On Tuesday, the grade 8's will be self and peer revising their paragraphs, then evaluating themselves according to a rubric. 

The grade 8's will also be reviewing reading strategies and how to make different connections on Tuesday (text to text, text to self, text to world).

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Dot Day goals artwork piece due Friday, 

Free the children all questions are due. Write in sentences using question in your answer - due Friday

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The Dot goals / artistic composition due Friday! 

RAD - reading assessment Friday

Math - p9 #1,2,3,4,6

Important October dates

Hope you can read this... 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Welcome Parents and Caregivers to grade 8 with Ms. Stewart-Mitchell and Mr. Baumgartner!!

For home and school communication, please check out our blog...



Ideas for International Dot Day...

Do you pintrest? Here are some ideas to check out for Dot Day activities...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Isn't it better if it's warming up?? What's this about climate change?

As the days are getting shorter, and we are starting to see a few leaves on the ground, we are reminded that winter is coming. The imminent change in seasons means a switching over to warmer clothing and bracing ourselves for Arctic winds sweeping across the Prairies... or does it?

Is it really getting colder, or are things just changing? Such as our climate??

Why is there so much negativity around climate warming? Isn't this good for us here in the northern part of the hemisphere?

Hmmm check out the links about a crew who is raising awareness about the impacts of climate change, the Arctic Joule...

Read more when you access the link below. You will have the chance to click on more links to find answers as to whether or not warmer winter is a bad thing...

Libraries are a Changin'

So the school library is a great place to house books and encyclopedias, right? Ummm... that's perhaps the "old school" definition...

Read further by clicking on this following link...

Why Not Wi Fi?? What's the prob??


An Ontario teachers' union is calling for an end to new Wi-Fi setups in the province's 1,400-plus Catholic schools.
The Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association says computers in all new schools should be hardwired instead of setting up wireless networks.
It also says Wi-Fi should not be installed in any more classrooms.
Why not Wi-Fi?? Isn't this essential to being globally connected? Isn't this important to propelling learning into the 21st Century? What's the big deal? Why is there a debate?? Why should YOU, YES YOU... BE CONCERNED??
Find out answers to these questions... or other questions you might have at the following link. Once you are at this link locate other links to assist you...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Get Inspired by The Dot and Free the Children

How do the following words connect? How are they different? Web the connections of 8 words on a separate piece of paper.

inspired                        challenge                        defense            labour                        dream
motivated                   apathy                                    society           cause                        success
supportive                        empathy                        global            motivate            risk
awareness                        rebellious                        citizen          confidence           
personal growth

The Dot by Peter Reynolds
“Just make a mark and see where it takes you”

Before Reading Discussion Questions
Have you ever been inspired?

What do you find inspiring?

During Reading
"Watch" The Dot...

After Reading – “Discussion Dots Carousel”
Choose 2 questions and discuss with a partner, then after 2 minutes, switch partners, after 2 minutes… (repeat until you have discussed 8 questions or spoke with 4 different people).

o Why was Vashti’s paper empty?
o Do you ever feel like Vashti?
o Why did Vashti’s teacher ask her to sign her name?
o How did Vashti feel when she saw her picture framed?
o What motivated her to try something new?
o How did Vashti’s dots look at the show? Did her art improve?
o How did she feel about herself?
o What did she ask the boy to draw for her?
o What happened after the boy signed his art?
o When Vashti was “stumped” or felt unmotivated to draw, how did the teacher react? What if Vashti’s teacher did not react in this positive way?
o How did the teacher’s words make a difference in how Vashti felt about herself?
o Have you ever been in a similar situation where you were like Vashti? Or have you been in a situation where you were like her teacher?

Final Thoughts…
What is the main lesson from this “kids’ story”?
How can we take this lesson and apply it to our own lives?
What challenge are you willing to try this year?

Connect the Dots Inspiration Activity
Each of you will create your own dot. One side of the dot, decorate it as you wish but be sure to include your name in some way.  On the opposite side of the dot, write something you want to accomplish (feel free to write more than one goal you wish to accomplish). 
*After we are finished creating our dots, we will then connect the dots using a piece of yarn, and create class “dot garland”. Other suggestions?

“Free the Children”
Essay written by Craig Kielburger and Kevin Major, Crossroads 7

Before Reading Discussion

How much control do you think you have over what happens in your community ? In the world?

How aware do you think we should be of global issues? How do we learn about problems in the world?

What social issue would you like to do something about?

Writer’s Craft Pre-reading Questions
Why does it say the authors are Craig Kielburger “with Kevin Major”?

How could this impact the essay?

During Reading
Write any examples of words that you think help make the language more specific or more descriptive in the essay. How does the author do more than “tell you”, but instead “shows you” what’s going on in the essay?
Example of words include:

shackle, mafia…

After Reading Discussion

1. Were you surprised by the story of Iqbal Masih and how some children are mistreated this way?

2. Why do you think his story motivated Craig Kielburger, “like no other story of injustice”?

3. Craig said he would rebel if he was a child labourer. What might discourage children from rebelling if they are in this situation?

4. Should children speak out in defense of children?

After Reading Assignment

"Kids need to be seen and heard" - Craig Kielburger (see video, "The Story of Craig Kielburger"produced by Sherine Mansour. Embedded at the bottom of the page.)

How can inspiration motivate us? What connections can you make with each of the selections? How can you incorporate the author’s message into your own life? How are these two very different selections similar? Write a paragraph that explores how these selections are similar, as well as the connections that you can make between the author’s message your life or the world around you.

Your paragraph should be 7-10 sentences and include a topic sentence as well as a closing sentence. Brainstorm what you will write about in a web; compose a rough draft, self-revise the language (make it more “exciting” with the use of a thesaurus), edit, then finally peer revise and peer edit your piece.
*Do on looseleaf.
* Use a peer editing sheet. Here is a digital version of one we will use from ReadWriteThink

Extend and Inquire Further…
So does “Free the Children” still exist today? How active is it? If it still exists, what kinds of initiatives has it been apart of to inspire change in the world?

Do a little inquiry digging… What impact has Iqbal Masih and Craig Kielburger made in our world? How old were they when they got inspired to “make their mark”… where did it take them??

Share any of your findings with the class. Record “Tweet Outs” on our Global Citizens bulletin board with your findings.
*A “Tweet Out” is meant to be short… it can be longer than the typical Twitter Tweet of 140 characters, but try to summarize key facts about Iqbal or Craig.

Videos about Iqbal and Craig

Craig and Marc Kielburger on Strombo CBC... Good interview.
They explore how we can all make a difference and bring about social change, and Canadians who have made a difference.

So, what's next? How can we channel awareness and activism into ACTION!

What does Marc and Craig mean by making a difference here in Canada to other places around the world where human rights are being violated?

Welcome to Grade 8!

Hello grade 8's... Welcome to a new year

at St. Francis!

You are fortunate to have to 2 teachers for homeroom this year... as well as many other teachers who will help to "form your minds"!

Ms. Stewart-Mitchell - am

Mr. Baumgartner - pm

Teacher and Subjects…
Mr. Baumgartner…Math, Health, Career Ed., Religion, Fully Alive and Phys. Ed. (Day 2)
Ms. Stewart-Mitchell… ELA and French
Mr. Rieger …Science
Mrs. Trudell…Social
Mr. Balon… Arts Ed.
Mr. Hayes… Phys. Ed (Day 3, 4)

Ms. Stewart Mitchell & Mr. Baumgartner’s Grade 8 Class Schedule…
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
ELA  Bellwork (D.O.L. or D.E.A.R.)
Phys. Ed.
Mr. Baumgartner
Arts Ed. *1:05-2:05
30 min
15 min
Career Ed
Arts Ed. *2:05-3:05
Fully Alive
Phys. Ed. 2:20-3:05

Monday, September 2, 2013

Back to School videos...

Oh Mr. Bean... so ridiculous!

The following videos are from my favourite Youtube channel...

Math Class...

Basketball Class...

Science Experiment...

Dance Class...

If there are problems... Imagine if you ever got sent to this principal's office!

Meet Your Teacher...

A few things about me...

Directions: Read each statement about Ms. Stewart-Mitchell. Thumbs up if you think the statement is true, or thumbs down if you think the statement is false.
My favourite colour is green.
I’m left handed.
I went to Tampa this summer.
I think spiders are cool.
This is my 10th year of teaching.
I have been to Spain.
I have one hamster, two tree frogs and five fish.
I have two children.
I grew up on a farm and helped with many chores.
I adore rowing.
I dislike technology and social media.
I come from a family of seven children.
My husband is a vice principal.
Sometimes I speak my mind too much!
I love watching movies!
I have a blog and the address is:

Do you have any other questions for me? Write them on this page, or later you can send me a tweet @jstewiestewie  #stewiequestion  
or if you prefere, send me an e-mail at: