Monday, November 4, 2013

Get Ready to Record your Pledge for Peace

Pledges for Peace Podcast Tips for Speaking...

Here are some tips for getting ready to record your Pledges for Peace via vocaroo. Essentially you are preparing a podcast to embed in your kidblog. (we will discuss further in class).

Here are the tips for effective speaking...

The 4 ‘C’s
While you may be the one speaking, speaking isn't really about you. It is about your audience. The 4 Cs will help you get in the mindset to give a great presentation or a podcast.
  • Content - What is my message? Get this clear in your mind before you create your
    presentation or podcast.
  • Consideration - Who is my audience and what is important to them?
  • Confidence - What confidence tips will help me give a good performance?
  • Contribution - How will my "mini-speech" help to inspire others? 

    The 5 ‘P’s make a awesome tip to remind us how to use our voice

    • Projection – Make sure you are easily heard, but not so loud that your audience is blasted by your voice when it's recorded.
    • Pace – Keep a steady pace to make sure you don’t exhaust your audience. You may like to vary the pace to keep it interesting, for example slowing down to build tension, speeding up to increase excitement.
    • Pitch – Vary your pitch to keep your voice interesting to listen to.
    • Pronunciation – Make sure all your words are clear. (Practice, practice, practice to help with pronunciation!)
    • Pause – Don’t be afraid of a moment of silence. Pausing will give time for your ideas
      to sink in. 

      The following is a way to plan for writing your podcast "mini speech"... or your Pledge for Peace...


      Topic and Time

      Choose something that you are interested in.
      How long do you have to talk for? (About 2 minutes)

      Who will be listening to your podcast?

      Subject and purpose
      What is the aim of your podcast? - to persuade, inform, entertain, etc.

      Brainstorm ideas, jot- note them down.

      Note personal stories you can add to make it more interesting.

      page1image18728      Research
      Should you research? This means not just internet, newspapers, magazines, library, family friends etc. How can you make your podcast all the more meaningful??

    Here is the simple rubric that will be used to assessed your PEACE PLEDGE.