Thursday, February 28, 2013

Try live binders

Live binders is a great way to sort bookmarks for assignments for teachers and students alike. Plus there's a plethora of Live binders created by others which are available for you to explore and copy as well! Once you copy the Live binder, you can continue to add to it making it "your binder". I love this resource as a way to sort bookmarks as I research on-line. All you need to do is add the "Live Binder It" tool on your toolbar, then when you find a good resource on-line, click on the "Live Binder It" tool and you can store the link in your binder. Links can be further sorted into "Main tabs" and "Sub tabs".
Can be a great tool for collaboration, as you can allow others to see certain binders which you might select.

It's really easy to use!


Here's a Live binder for a favorite classroom tool, Edmodo. Want to know what this site is all about? Check out the Live binder on it!

Here's another super Livebinder for IPads in schools. Great collection of How-to info plus apps!

Flip to help the at risk student

Failure? Confronted with school data which says that changes must be made to the approach or else? Then you need to see this YouTube video. Or just check it out, because perhaps the Flip Model or Flip Teaching Approach may work for you.

Check out this video on YouTube:

Big problem - One barrier in flip teaching is access to technology at home. In this model, it is critical. But I do love this inspiring video!