What meanings did myths about gods, goddesses, and heroes have for the ancient Greeks? What meanings do the Greek myths have for us today? What are myths? Why do we study myths??

Let's immerse ourselves in Ancient Greece, you are going to create an ancient scroll with your name on it using the Greek Alphabet. Note that some of the letters in your name are not in the Greek Alphabet, so be creative!

Listen to the Greek Alphabet! (Youtube video)
Powerpoint - Why Do We Study Greek Mythology?
Why Do We Study Greek Mythology? Activities... Reference:

Section 1: Greek Mythology: What's It All About?

Activity #1 : Introduction to Mythology
Go to the site "World Myths and Legends in Art" and write the answer to the following questions on your worksheets.
1. What is the definition of a myth?

2. What is the difference between a myth and a legend?

Activity #2:Origins of Greek Mythology
Visit the site Origins of Greek Mythology and find the answers to the following questions. Write or type the answers on your worksheets. - Great site on the Greek Olympians...

3. Who were the Olympians and who believed in them?

4. When were the myths started?
5. What do Homer, Hesiod and  The Homeric Hymns have in common?

Activity #3:  Greek Mythology Overviews
Use these sites to answer the questions and record on your worksheet.
Choose the Gods and Goddesses section.

6. What purpose did the myths serve for the ancient Greek people?

7. What were the oracles and in what ways were they used by the Greeks?

Section 2--Influences of Greek Mythology

Activity #8: Mythology's Influence on Language
Many of the words that we use everyday come from Greek Mythology. Go to this site and look up months to see which ones have myth origins.

You might use this site to learn new words Calliope:Muse of Eloquence

Open a Word document. Add a TABLE that is two columns wide and 20 rows long. Label the top left cell WORD and the top right cell MYTH. Use this table to complete activity #8 and activity #9. You may use color borders and shading on your table if you would like.

Activity #9: Word Origins

Continue to look at the origins of words we use today by going to these sites or any other to find the meaning of the following words, what does the meaning of these words have to do with Greek Mythology? Use the table from Activity #8.

Achilles heel
Siren Song
Titans (Titanic)
Midas Touch
Pan (panic)
Tantalus (tantatize)
Trojan horse

Other Resources to Extend Your Learning

Creation of the Universe According to the Ancient Greeks

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Chaos and the Titans...
The Beginnings in Greek Mythology

Greek Gods and Goddesses Family Tree

A more detailed Family Tree of The Gods and Goddesses

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Game - "The Ancient Arcade" Match the Mythological Figure with their symbols


Pandora -

Prometheus, The Furies, Orpheus..... lots of myths... Check it out!

Animated Stories for all Hero Greek Myths!!

Winged Sandals: Storytime Cartoons of The Myths - In Episodes
Perseus and Medusa -Perseus is challenged to slay the gorgon Medusa, whose look can turn him to stone.

Orpheus and the Underworld - Orpheus bravely descends into the Underworld to save his love Eurydice.

Demeter and Persephone - When Demeter's beautiful daughter Persephone is snatched from her the Earth suffers and endless winter.

Apollo and the Oracle - How Apollo, the God of Prophecy, appoints the Pythia and builds his temple at Delphi.

Diana and the Golden Apples - 1960's style cartoon

Peseus and the Gorgon - 23 minutes (not a cartoon, cheesy actors and puppets...)

Trojan War - Homer's Oddyssey - History for Music Lovers 


Writing and Greek Mythology
Scholastic's Myth Machine...

Ancient Gereece Google Search Story

Zeus - Google Search Story

Youtube Videos to Compliment and Extend our Readings...
The Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus... Youtube video

"The Greek Gods"... History Channel Documentary (in Five Parts)... "The Greek Gods" tells of the history and mythology surrounding the deities of ancient Greece
Note: These clips are of more higher level academic oriented videos...
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The Gods...


The Heroes...


Creatures and Monsters of Greek Mythology
The Minotaur Documentary... taken from the History Channel

Medusa... History Channel

The Greatest Greek Leader - Alexander the Great... 
Macedonia - History for Music Lovers

What are the characteristics of a civilization?

Ancient Greek Civilization Videos and More Extension

More Videos on the Myths and on Ancient Greece

Philosophers of Ancient Greece - History for Music Lovers

Ancient Greek Museums

Ancient Greece Live Binder - Info and Videos and More!

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Anthropological History of Mythological Creatures... good kids site!

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Museum of Natural History - Mythic Creatures