Thursday, September 26, 2013

Terry Fox Viewing Reflection

Terry Fox And the Marathon of Hope

Video to watch:

Before viewing...
What did you think of yesterday's Terry Fox Run?

Read the questions below, so you are prepared to jot note responses.

During viewing...
As you watch this ESPN video, jot note your responses to the questions below. 

What connections can you make between the video and yourself? What challenges did Terry experience that you relate to?

What connections can you make with the video and other selections we've read or you have read? (Remember we are studying about what it means to be a global citizen)

What connections can you make with the video and the world? Are there events or people in the video that make you think of others?

Based on what you watched in the video, what was Terry like as a person? What evidence do you have to support this idea?

In addition to the actual the physical challenges Terry faced, what were some other challenges can you infer? How did he keep going?

After viewing...
Why do you suppose Terry's quest was called the Marathon of Hope? Why do you believe this? What evidence is there to support your opinion? 

Why is it important for students to learn about Terry Fox? Why do we show support every year with a Terry Fox Run? 

Why is it that the Terry Fox Run is honoured in more than 51 countries worldwide? Review the following site to for more evidence:

Take a look at pictures and videos from around the world:

Why do you think Terry Fox was an amazing Canadian hero that we should be proud of? 

More information on Terry Fox Foundation:

After Viewing Reflection...
In conclusion, watch the following video and think about why it's worthwhile for Canadians to participate in the Terry Fox run...