Monday, September 16, 2013


There are two assignments that the grade 8's are expected to have in their agenda.

1. Reading Bell work Assignment Wifi article - In the lines (comprehension and analysis questions, as well as the Inferencing question and self responses to Just Talk About It (on loose leaf). Hand in before Tuesday morning.

2. Free the Children paragraph rough draft due Tuesday. 

* Students are expected to have completed a brainstorm/web of ideas; 

* then compose a 7-10 sentence paragraph (this includes a topic sentence, 5-7 supporting sentences to explain, provide facts and examples, and concluding sentence)

* On Tuesday, the grade 8's will be self and peer revising their paragraphs, then evaluating themselves according to a rubric. 

The grade 8's will also be reviewing reading strategies and how to make different connections on Tuesday (text to text, text to self, text to world).