Tuesday, June 7, 2011

French food test outline

Quiz - Outline

1. Study the vocab. in the booklet, meat, fruit, vegetables,

seafood, drinks, snacks and dishes, condiments (see the handout) - matching...

2. Conjugation chart for er verbs: aimer, preferer, manger, preparer - chart

3. p. 18 - “text” translate the recipe from french to english - matching (GIVEN IN CLASS... SEE NOTES)
Recipe - Triangle Nutritif

1. Etaler du beurre d'arachide sur 2 tranches de pain.

2. Placer des raisins secs et des tranches de pomme sur une tranche de pain.

3. Ajouter l'autre tranche de pain.

4. Couper le sandwich en 2 triangles.

Assignments June 8th and 9th

This is for all students at City Track - and anyone else who needs further information on current lessons...
1. Math 8 -
A. Complete the AFL booklet and related handouts as this will prepare you for the Diagnostic test Monday and Tuesday...
B. Complete the following Integer Assignment:
Level A: 4. a, b, 5. a, b, 6. a, b, 7. a, b

Level B: 4 – 7 (a and c only), 8, 10, 11, 14, 18

Level C: 4-7 ( a and c only), 11, 12, 14, 18, 23

2. ELA Reading/Writing... Mystery and Wonder Unit
Finish short story from the Nelson Mysteries series text (see blue bin), “Higher Animals” you can complete the chart on page 2 of your handout (you got this handout yesterday)

Complete Handout: BLM 21 “Vivid Figurative Language” – identifying figurative speech. See classroom desk.

Mystery Writing – Using the Nelson Mystery text, read page 22 “Write with a Strong Voice” - Read what “voice” means in writing. Explore mystery writing voice....

Read handout on Mystery Tips (you have this). After reviewing tips for writing a mystery, you can brainstorm (web form) ideas for a mystery. Look at the “Mystery Cube” (2nd page of the Mystery writing tips) to get ideas of what you need to include in a good mystery story… setting, detective, crime or mystery, victim, clues… solution. You need to also refer to another handout the unit, “Instructions for a Mystery” because you need to brainstorm for characters, setting, plot, clues, red herrings…

** You can see the scholastic website (see bottom of handout, “Ingredients for a mystery” for more ideas and tips…. My blog’s mystery page also has links to more mysteries on-line, can check these out for ideas. Scholastic site: http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/mystery/index.htm

Need more inspiration for Mystery Writing??? Check out Chris Van Allsburg's site... and the Mysteries of Harris Burdick... the book is located in the classroom in one of the "Mystery Book Bins" on side pod table. Otherwise... you can see all the pictures and captions from his book at this that also has student stories... check it out! http://www.hmhbooks.com/features/harrisburdick/readers_stories.html

Tips from Chris Van Allsburg on mystery writing...

Student Self Evaluation Criteria for Mystery Writing...

Mystery Writing Rubric Use the appropriate rubric below to assess your proficiency with the writing activity. Evaluate whether your skills are improving or where you may need additional support or help.
Scoring:5: Proficient: A high degree of competence
4: Capable: An above average degree of competence
3: Satisfactory: A satisfactory degree of competence
2: Emergin: A limited degree of competence
1: Beginning: No key elements are adequately developed
Divide subtotal by  to get Overall Score

3. French Food Unit: You are to create a study sheet for the test on Thursday. Study sheet information was written on the board, so review and make a study sheet for the “Knowledge wall”

Also, REVIEW the assignment for the Presentation Oral Assignment and the format for the recipe… Presentation will be June 16th... and June 20th... be prepared.

4. Social - Check out my post on the government Review Questions - there are notes review questions as well as good links to information we will discuss and explore in class. You are responsible to check it out.

5. RCMP Fieldtrip -  Friday - Museum and "Forensics 101" workshop... Bring in your $5 to cover costs!! Parents who would like to join us, can contact me at school. You are welcomed to attend.
Check out more on RCMP Forensics... go to Global's t.v. news show, 16:9 "Behind the Yellow Line"