Tuesday, June 7, 2011

French food test outline

Quiz - Outline

1. Study the vocab. in the booklet, meat, fruit, vegetables,

seafood, drinks, snacks and dishes, condiments (see the handout) - matching...

2. Conjugation chart for er verbs: aimer, preferer, manger, preparer - chart

3. p. 18 - “text” translate the recipe from french to english - matching (GIVEN IN CLASS... SEE NOTES)
Recipe - Triangle Nutritif

1. Etaler du beurre d'arachide sur 2 tranches de pain.

2. Placer des raisins secs et des tranches de pomme sur une tranche de pain.

3. Ajouter l'autre tranche de pain.

4. Couper le sandwich en 2 triangles.

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