Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pink Shirt Day

Got a QR Code Scan App? Videos for Pink Shirt Day...

Pink Shirt Day

Mean Stinks Promo

Mean Stinks Video - Meanomophosis

Cyber Bullying Virus Video

Show you care with a colour!

Why should people care about supporting pink shirt day? Imagine a fellow peer says that they don't care about pink shirt day, and  that they don't understand how can wearing pink make a difference. What would you say to them to change their mind? In partners, brainstorm some convincing reasons to care, using at least 4 different persuasion techniques that we've studied; such as claims, pathos, logos or research. You have permission to go on line to quickly access some facts or statistics to support your reasons.

Once you have your reasons, order your arguments in terms of strength, and jot note supporting ideas to go with each technique to be more convincing. Finally decide on the best way to the grab attention of your peers. We will be using the Persuasion Interactive Organizer to help you in organizing your ideas. See the other blog posts.