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Social Studies Test Review

Our Test has been moved from this Friday, April 1st (No fooling!) to next Wednesday, April 6th. Students were given the study sheet in class, but in case they lose it... here it is...

Social Studies - Test Review

Forms of Power and Comparative Government

1. What is power?

Power is the ability of one person or group to control

actions, and sometimes even the thoughts of others.

2. How can bullies wield power? How do they use threat to

wield power?

3. With power, comes responsibility. Why is this? Therefore, why must government or politicians exercise power judiciously? (fairly)

4. What are the four sources of power?

Influence, Force, Authority and Collective Action

(know what these terms mean and examples in your life and in current events).

5. Be able to explain a form of power in current events and whether it's a nation, organization or individual who is wielding the power; and the consequences of the decisions stemming from the power. You will receive a case study - article from current events that you will be analyzing.

6. Make sure you have, "Power in the News - How can a country be powerful?" handout

What are the 3 benefits of authority?

- Authority can be used to provide order and security in people's lives.

- Authority can be used to protect rights and freedoms

- Authority can be used to ensure that benefits and burdens are distributed fairly.

7. Collective Power (notes) - What is synergy? What's the benefit?

8. What is a cooperative? What's the benefit?

9. Why were different cooperatives formed?

10. What are the different types of cooperatives?
Comparative Government

*if you are missing the notes, go to the blog. Know the different forms of government, how they overlap and examples of each form of government.
What was the role of technology with the current revolution in the Middle East?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

AFL Reading Assessment

The AFL Reading Assessment is an "Assessment For Learning" to evaluate reading for grade 7. I will have the grade 8's complete the test (a photocopied version) as well to prepare them for this test in grade11... and because I will be using the data for reportcards as well. Basically, if we are taking class-time to do the test, make sure students are prepared for it... then I am going to include the results on the reportcard.

The following are links to the 2009 test and questionnaires regarding reading strategies.... For more information check out the Ministry of Education Links below.
Ms. Stewart-Mitchell

Main Page

Student Questionnaire

2009 Assessment

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Canadian government -our democracy

Our next unit will focus in on Canadian Democracy

Sites to check out...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Devastation in Japan

Here's your new current events assignment that you will start Monday, March 21st... or at least that week...
You must construct a Current Events “Glog” on the devastating effects of the natural disaster in Japan.

a. What are the causes of the earthquake (basic scientific reason)?

b. What are the causes of the tsunami (basic scientific reason)?

c. What are the effects of these natural disasters on Japan…
Explain/Show 10 ways the people have been affected.
d. Make a statement... show people why we should care!

****Think of the economy, resources, health…short term and long term effects.
Explain all these ways, but SHOW the impact!
Brainstorm the layout of the glog on PAPER, then research the facts… find websites…
Be sure to cite your sources!
Write your research on paper in jotnotes…. THEN go to Glogster and create your glog! Do individually!
Canadian Democracy Information and Links

Parliament virtual tour...

Government site on democracy

Lesson 1:

Big Question: What governments expected to do? Answers will be written in the form of a Brainstorm Web on (5 minutes)

Body of Lesson:

After the brainstorm, you will be split into three groups, A, B and C. Each group is now an independent country. Your group will need to come up with a name for their country and then pick someone in the group to represent you. The representative of each group will be given a cue card, which will state the type of government that their country uses.(See your slide show notes on comparitive governments). (5 min)

Your government must now deal with an issue. This issue is how pollution and how it is impacting your country and the citizens. How will your government deal with the problem? (20 minutes)

Final Question: How did you feel being a citizen that country? How did the form of government affect the decisions that were made and the say you had in the government?( For example if you were part of the Dictatorship group, how did you feel about not having a choice in the decision of their country? (10 minutes)

Have your answers changed about government, and the best form of government?

What do we expect of a democratic government and how is this different from the role of government in other countries?

You will be assessed for understanding on the basis of their participation in the activity.

Lesson 2:

Big Question: How do the different levels of government in Canada affect you?


Identify the three levels of government in Canada: Federal, Provincial, and Municipal

Understand that the Canadian Government is a constitutional monarchy, where our Parliamentary system contains three branches, the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary.

Discussion: What type of government does Canada have? (Representative Democracy)

How is this different from Direct Democracy?
“How has government affected you since you woke up this morning?
Explore notes and handouts on Canadian Government... See notes in class.

See below and download if needed:

Government notes -

Reference links:

Government notes -

Reference links:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Unit 4 Percent - Math Assignments

Here is an archive of the Math Assignments for Unit 4... in case you missed any or were curious about work you need to catch up on... It was on the Homework page, but had to be removed, as we are moving on... Ms. SM

4.2 "Fractions, Decimals and Percents" p. 130 - 135  Due: Monday, Jan. 31
Complete "Show you know" p. 132, 133, 134
Summarize Key Ideas p. 135
Level A - 1,2,4,6,8,13
Level B - 1,2,4,6,8,13-18
Level C - 1, 2, 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 21, Math Link

4.3 "Percent of a Number" p. 138-141 
Key definitions/terms: "halve", "profit", "of" (define use text subsection 4.3)
Strategy - Look for a pattern. Why do we need to do this?
Show You Know p. 140-141 - complete
Key Ideas summary p.141
Assignment - Due: Friday, Feb. 4th.
Level A - 1-3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 
Level B - 1-3, 5, 8-13
Level C - 1-2, 8-16 
*Show all work...

4.3 Handout also due Monday, Feb 7th  ---- HAND IN FOR EVALUATON...
Level A - do #4 and 7
Level B and C do all the handout. 

4.4 Start on Wednesday, February 9th.
KEY TERMS: tax, GST, PST - What is Sask PST?
Show You Know p. 146&148
Key Ideas Summary p. 148  *** Due: Thursday, Feb. 10th.
p. 149.. 4.4 Assignment - Due: Monday, Feb. 14th. 
Level A - 1-4, 5, 6, 8, 10
Level B - 1-4, 6, 8-12
Level C - 1-3, 9, 11 -  13, Math Link

Wednesday, Feb. 16th Assignment – “What I Need to Work On” – Students review Section 4.4 and all of unit, then in partners write down 3 things that they need to work on (each student writes their own). They can look through the unit assignments to see what needs work. Be specific - choose a couple practice problems and work through them.

Unit 4 Chapter Review p. 150 text - Show all work. If stuck... go back to that section of the unit.
Level A – 1-3, 4. a, b, 5. a, c, 6.a, b, d 7. b, c, 9. a, c 10.a, 12. a, c, f, 16.
Level B – all 
Level C – all and games on
( Choose the “percent” selection on the site).

Unit 4 Wednesday, Feb 23rd Assignment 
Practice Test
Level A - 1-4, 6, 8, 10
Level B - 1-12
Level C - 1-14 
due: Friday, Feb 25th

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Seven Last Words - Loyola Press

The Seven Last Words - Loyola Press

The Seven Last Words of Jesus

Lenten Prayer Service

City of Ember Assignments and Intro

Novel information... just in case you need it...
The City of Ember - Brief Summary of the Novel

In the underground city of Ember, young Lina and Doon struggle with clues in order to reveal both the history of their city and a way to save the population before their source of light dwindles away to nothing.

Jeanne DuPrau presents a colorless society with a bleak future in The City of Ember. The citizens of Ember live underground where they face daily blackouts, food shortages, and corrupt politicians. With the source of light waning, two young citizens take it upon themselves to unlock the secret to Ember’s mysterious past. Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow navigate this post-apocalyptic world in an attempt to decode a cryptic message that may save them all.

Pre-Reading Activities

Watch the video below

(copy and paste into the URL window)

City of Ember DVD. Assignment Day. @ Yahoo! Video
The City of Ember Pre-Reading Activity:

Mock Assignment Day

Imagine that today is “Assignment Day” and each of you will get a job placement that will determine your future within the community. Mock job assignments will be distributed to you, and there will be a short talk about service to one’s community.

After Activity, think about...

-How did you feel about being assigned to a profession?

-What kind of world are we going to read about, where people are assigned jobs to work as messengers, laborers, electrician’s helpers, and supply clerks?

-What do these jobs show about the society of Ember?

-What do you predict the government is like?

During Novel Activities

*** See the other The City of Ember page... questions and assignments are on there.

Post - Reading Novel Activities

Thematic and Curricular Connections

Questions for Discussion and Essay Writing, Projects...

Grade 7/8's: Choose one of the writing activities listed below, be sure to fully explore all the questions


Relationships Family and Friendship

Family - The main characters of the novel have nontraditional family structures. How do the main characters acclimate to their unconventional families in the towns of Ember and Sparks? How do their family relationships change from one book to the next? How does the absence of a mother affect both Doon and Lina? Both Doon and Lina are very responsible young people. How are their responsible dispositions related to their family roles?

Friendship–Lina and Doon share a friendship in the novel. Lina and Doon recognize positive and negative qualities in their friendships, a key aspect of accepting someone as your friend. What personality traits do they admire in one another? What qualities do they find troublesome in each other?

Write a multi paragraph essay that explores the relationships of family and friends in the novel.

The Effects of War– The novel is set in a post apocalyptic world. Ember is a last refuge for the human race (later if you read Sparks, it is a post-disaster society starting over.) Identify the lasting effects of war on both societies. What is the author’s message to readers? Imagine a world where technology and abundant resources no longer exist. How would their lives be altered? Explore all the ways that the lives of the citizens are different from our lives. Make connections to other societies in history or today that are impacted by war.

Greed–How does greed escalate to conflict? Trace incidents of greed by both townspeople and politicians throughout the novel. What is the ultimate message about greed in the novel? What is the author trying to say about corruption and power? Are the events of these novels a realistic reflection of human nature? Find an example in history or today, of how corruption and power can be destructive to a country or to an organization.

Community Leadership–In small groups, discuss the role of community leadership in The City of Ember and whether the leaders acted as good role models. Which characters provided true leadership for the town? Find an example of leaders in our society who act as role models for citizens. Show through examples how they are true leaders.



* Use the writing process, brainstorm, plan, draft and compose a final project....

Art–Lina dreams of a world full of color and wonders what it might look like. She uses drawing as a way to express her dreams about faraway cities and unknown regions. She says that pictures can capture an idea or a place in ways language cannot. Sketch a place of a utopian society, like Lina does, and carefully select colors that reflect the mood and tone. Accompany your artwork with a one-page explanatory essay of your utopian city. Essays may be included on Kidblog with a scanned copy of your visual.

Language Arts–Write a magazine article for a travel magazine that describes either Ember as a travel destination. Cite lines from the novel's text that describe what it’s like to live in Ember. Use elements of descriptive language like imagery, simile, and metaphor in your writing.

Your magazine may be in the form of a website or as an on-line magazine (you can use for this)

Science– The novel hinges on dependence on electricity, even if it's a waning light source like in The City of Ember. Using the internet resources in this guide, research the fundamentals of electricity. How does it work? Who discovered it? What are the key scientific principles behind it? Explore the Watt’s on Your Mind Web site to learn about wasting electricity in our society.

Generators... visit:

How does electricity work?

The idea of growing food and nurturing plants from seeds is paramount in this novel. Explore the benefits of growing food and buying local produce. Also, explore the benefits of composting as a means of creating a sustainable future. Besides growing their own food, how do the citizens reuse items? How do the citizens live sustainably? Why must they embrace this lifestyle for their existence?

Write an essay that explores the questions above, or create a visual using Powerpoint or Glogster that explores the questions above.

Social Studies and Geography–When the citizens of Ember escape their dark society for a more promising land, they became refugees. Define the word refugee and research the global refugee crisis. Where are the top 10 locations on the planet with the highest population of refugees? Choose one, and then write a three page report of that location’s current refugee situation as well as a brief history of its cause.

With your report, include map to pinpoint the 10 areas of the world with the most refugees: Afghanistan, Angola, Burma, Burundi, Congo-Kinshasa, Eritrea, Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Somalia, and Sudan. Why must refugees flee their homelands and why do some countries deny refugees access into their territories? Write an essay that explores the questions above, or create a visual using Powerpoint or Glogster that explores the questions above.

Economics–The principles of supply and demand dictate what resources are available in the town of Ember. As Lina says in The City of Ember, “You can’t divide a can of applesauce evenly among all the people in the city” (p. 153). Explore the concept of supply and demand; make a list of all the items in the novel that are in demand. Think about the creative ways in which the novel’s characters supply these items. How are the people of the novel experts on reusing things? What can we learn in our society from the lifestyle of the people of Ember? Write an essay that explores the questions above, or create a visual using Powerpoint or Glogster that explores the questions above.

Partner Poetry Assignment...

Partner Poems for Two Voices and the Theme of Community in

The City of Embers

Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is for you to examine life in your community and to compare/contrast it with life in the community created in The City of Embers. You are going to express your understanding of the contrast of the two communities by writing a poem for two voices. (To further understand the format for a poem with two voices, please refer to "Honeybees" or "Two Women" for more ideas).


1. Close your eyes and imagine being part of The City of Embers community. Imagine life in a city with the only source of light coming from light bulbs. Imagine most food coming from cans (with some produce being grown in greenhouses), your whole life is in a small town of under 500 people, no t.v.'s, no radios, no computers, no ipods and at twelve years old you are given your job assignment... and you start work. How would you feel about your daily life? What would life be like in this community? What would your goals be for the future? Keep in mind, you only know about this kind of life.

2. Share your brainstorm with people in your assigned group (provided by Ms. Steawart-Mitchell).

3. On a T- chart labeled, GIVER COMMUNITY and MY COMMUNITY; list characteristics for both communities and what life is like. Be sure to compare and contrast the two communities. Explore both the similarities and the differences.

Drafting the Poem for Two Voices:

Now start drafting a poem that shows two very different points of view. One point of view is life as a member of Ember the other a person living in Regina. You will write the poem with a partner and it must express the differences between the two communities. Some other ideas that you and partner can develop might be living in the community, family life, jobs, daily life, school or what's it's like being a particular age.

Here is an example. Examine the language and the form in the following lines.

*Notice that phrases on the same line are read together. Notice that colour is used to separate what is read separately. Lines in both colours are read together.

Living in my community...

I have many choices. I choose my job.

Families in my community

Can be two, three, four, or more people.

Living in my community. . . I have very few choices I am given an Assignment.

Families in my community

Are always small.

But we always can depend on our family... (said together in unison)

Display: Create a small poster for your poem (1/2 size of bristle board), that includes your poem typed attractively and 10 visuals that reflect the differences and the similarities of the two communities. Decorate with pencil crayon and other mediums that would be eye catching and would offer "texture" to your display (suggestions: glitter, string, yarn - reflects Ember, tinfoil... be creative with your ideas on how to represent your poem).

Presentation: Present your poem to the class. Try to develop the mood and the tone of the poem by adding costumes or props. But be sure to practice the tone and parts that are in unison.

Museum in a Box for The City of Ember

Do this assignment as individuals, partners or groups of 3...
Imagine you are a curator for the Ember Museum of Cultural History. There will be a new display on what it means to be a citizen of the city of Ember. You want to make this display as interactive as possible for the audience. This display must include more than artifacts, you must also include video that reflects what's important to citizens, music that reflects the citizens (with an explanation of how the song characterizes the citizens), artifacts or pictures of 4 of the most important items that the citizens need to live their lives. Not only will you display artifacts, explain the significance of the items....

To create this display, you will use the technology in the website:

*If you have difficulty using this website and loading it on your computer, you may also use, and do the same thing... Just organize it carefully on the glog.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's with the ashes? - Loyola Press

What's with the ashes? - Loyola Press

Social Studies Blogging

Students, be sure to write at least one blog to Cpl. Karen on This is part of your Social mark. There were supposed to be blogs written for both January and February. To check if you have made enough of a contribution, go to and check your account.

Parents, Please feel free to check the blogged assignments over with them as well. Even just to check out our blogging project  with a UN peacekeeper in Sudan or our "Blogging Literature Circles"

Further reminder, the last day for Term 2 overdues is March 11th. Students have overdues written in their agenda, and overdue assignments are posted immediately. Please discuss this with them, as incomplete assignments do impact student grades... Students are given ample time to work on any assignments at recess. It is up to the individual to use that time wisely. If you need further confirmation regarding overdues, please feel free to call me at the school.
Ms. SM