Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Do your Section 3 Blog assignment on Visualizing as you read and "Four Ways to Respond to Literature" response question (see this blog... Section 3 or your handouts - they are the same thing.)

Be sure to complete the Character Fakebook assignment which is adding memories ... Due Friday!

Dystopian Worlds for Arts Ed

Images to build on the Arts Ed dystopian world installation....

What do you imagine the future to look like? If you are reading The Hunger Games, do you agree with the image of future society being like that of the Capitol? or do you imagine a post-apocolytic world, like that of The Eleventh Plague? Is everything technologically perfect and uniform like in Matched?

Here are some images that reflect different filmographers concept of the future...

Math 8 Assignment for Thursday

Unit 9 Practice Test p. 362 due: Monday, June 4th... UNIT 9 TEST MONDAY, JUNE 4TH.
Level A: 1, 3, 4, 6, 8
Level B: 1-9
Level C: 1-10

Gr. 7 Math Assignment

On Wednesday, May 30th, we will be trading Math class with Arts Ed, so that there is adaquate time to complete the plaster face masks for the Dystopian Installation Visual Art display.Therefore,
Mr. McCulloch has forwarded the Math assignment for today.

1. Correct 10.1 – in small groups, students can mark their own (answer key is in the back of the textbook)

2. Students will work on pg. 362 #8-17 (due Thursday)

Mrs. Weber's Math Assignment for her grade 7 class:
p. 378 #3, 4, 5, 6
You can also start the Chapter Review  p. 382