Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fake Tweets

Today you will be creating some "fake tweets" composed by your novel characters. The purpose of this activity is to get you to imagine how your character would react to different situations or events from the novel.... but going BEYOND what is written on the page.

Great questions to think about as you develop this character's personality....

Create 3-4 Fake tweets written by your character. Use the classtools wiki page, then again use the Snipping Tool and take cropped screen shot.

Add 3-4 of these fake tweets to your Fakebook page. Once again explaining why you included the tweet.

By creating these fake tweets we are exploring the purpose of using one more social media site, Twitter. Twitter is often just to share good websites, videos or communicate in very short manner. Hashtags are used to track and stream conversations. Try to use hashtags to sum up your statement.

Twister (Fake Twitter tool)

Here are some examples...

Note that when you create the fake tweet and a character name a picture will be automatically selected for you.

Dystopia Novels and Themes

This is an awesome prezi on dystopia that explores many novel and lesson themes from this unit.