Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skiing Cancelled

No skiing Friday... too cold.... next time March 11th...

Silencing Dissent

Viewing Questions on Uprisings and Social Media...

The "Big Question" - In the past uprisings in the Middle East have been stamped out by government control... why is there a change now??

Silencing Dissent Viewing Questions

1. In the past, if there were uprisings in the middle east, there was tough government crackdowns.... What has changed?? Infer your response from clues in the video.

2. How has the media impacted how dictator regime leaders behave?

3. What impact has the media had on governments?

4. What impact has it had on your awareness of current events?

The Facebook Phenomenon - Viewing Questions

  1. Who created Facebook? 
  2. What's the name of the movie based on the founding of Facebook?
  3. What's Facebook's role in uprisings in the Middle East (and North Africa) as well as in the earthquake in New Zealand? 
  4. Key words in your answer... Egypt*
  5. When Egypt started uprising, why did the government move to turn off Facebook?
  6. Why do you think the word "Facebook" was spray painted on a city wall somewhere in Egypt?
  7. In New Zealand, how did social media help earthquake victims? 
  8. How did social media, like texting "4636" help in Haiti? 
  9. What is "crowd sourcing"? 
  10. How is crowd sourcing used for finding workers? 
  11. How did the creators of Facebook do more than create a "dating site"? 
  12. Why would some people say that Facebook is not just for socializing and dating? 
  13. How is social media changing the world a profound way? 
Roots of Mideast Unrest Viewing Questions
1. How did the young man in Tunisia (who lit himself on fire) start the "fire of uprisings" and demonstrations? 

2. What are 2 causes of the unrest? 

3. There is a Saskatchewan connection to the unrest, it relates to grain and the cost of food prices ... What do you think the connection is? 

4. What did the Libyan leader, Gaddafi say was responsible for the uprisings? What's the connection between coffee and Al Quada? 

Extension: Other video mentioned in newscast, "The Anatomy of a Revolution"

Further Extension, watch Billy Joel's video, "We Didn't Start the Fire". Listen to the chorus (repeated part of song)... How does this song connect to events in the Middle East/North Africa and Facebook?

*** You could replace this Extension with another shorter viewing assignment except for the questions on the "Facebook Phenomenon". To find the music go to the Music page of my blog. Stewie.