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Day of Pink Partner Persuasive Writing Lesson

Part A. REVIEW THE POWERPOINT "The Art of Persuasion". Focus on the format of the persuasive essay. 

Part B. In partners you are going to take your brainstormed notes that you previously made regarding getting students to care about Pink Shirt Day, and organize them into an Outline for an Essay. 

The Art of Persuasive Writing PowerPoint - ReadWriteThink

*Click on the title above to download "Art of Persuasive Writing" Powerpoint.

To assist you in organizing your thoughts, you will use the Read
Write Think Interactive Persuasive Writing Map... See link below.

Read through the steps below. They will help walk you through the
Persuasive Writing Map.

Persuasive Writing Map - You can complete on-line then print

1. First, think about why you are writing this essay. What are you trying to prove? 
Go back to the question, and think about what you believe in.

How can you show you care with a colour? Why should you show you care?
Why should people care about supporting pink shirt day? Imagine a fellow peer says that they don't care about pink shirt day, and  that they don't understand how can wearing pink make a difference. What would you say to them to change their mind? In partners, brainstorm some convincing reasons to care, using at least 4 different persuasion techniques that we've studied; such as claims, pathos, logos or research. You have permission to go on line to quickly access some facts or statistics to support your reasons.

Once you have your reasons, order your arguments in terms of strength, and jot note supporting ideas to go with each technique to be more convincing. Finally decide on the best way to the grab attention of your peers. We will be using the Persuasion Interactive Organizer to help you in organizing your ideas. See the other blog posts. 

Now, write your thesis. What will be the point of your essay?
What will you will prove? What point are you trying to argue about Pink Shirt Day?

See the example...

2. Second, go back to your brainstorm and decide which points you are going 
present in your argument as reasons. Examine your brainstorm, what point stands 

3. Rewrite three main reasons that would convince someone that your thesis is
valid (which means good or correct).

4. Now for that first reason, think of 3 facts or examples which will support 
your argument. 

5. Think of 3 supporting facts or examples for Reason 2 and 3. Repeat the same

6. Finally in the Conclusion, you will write 2 sentences that will summarize your
argument and wrap up the essay. These closing arguments will briefly restate
your main points that you previously explored.

This will be the basic outline for your essay. Imagine the Persuasion Map Below,
completed with your arguments. If you make a mistake, you can go back.
Be sure to complete all aspects of the map. Do not skip steps.
If you take the time to complete the map, the easier it will be to write the essay.

Part C. 5 Slide Presentations
You are going to Persuade Members of the Class to care about your stance
on PINK SHIRT DAY. Rather than write an essay, you are going to create a 5 Slide 
Presentation on reasons why people should (or shouldn't) care about supporting
Pink Shirt Day. 

We will be using the following handout to assist in creating this 5 slide presentation. 
Use the Outline you already created to assist you! Remember that the images
you chose for the presentation should reflect Pink Shirt Day and explore Anti-
Bullying messages. Please be considerate and sensitive when selecting images
for your presentation, as this is quite a serious topic.
Here's a link...

After you complete your outline, explore the Five Slide Persuasive Rubric 
so that you understand how you will be evaluated in persuasive presentation.

***** Note the duration of the presentation will be between 2-3 minutes. 
Please ignore this aspect of the rubric, as I will not be evaluating as strictly as what 
is indicated here!! :-)