Thursday, January 31, 2013

Schooling the world

I recently got this link via Classroom 2.0 to a very thought-provoking video, "Schooling
the World" produced by Carol Black. The video is free until February 12th... See the password.
The film is at (password is STW2013), and looks at the often-devastating impacts of Western-style schooling in the developing world, particularly in Northern India.

In "Occupy Your Brain," Carol states, "[a]s our climate heats up, as mountaintops are removed from Orissa to West Virginia, as the oceans fill with plastic and soils become too contaminated to grow food, as the economy crumbles and children go hungry and the 0.001% grows so concentrated, so powerful, so wealthy that democracy becomes impossible, it’s time to ask ourselves; who’s educating us? To what end?"