Sunday, November 13, 2011

iPeople for Good/i encourage Canadians to be nicer to each other

iPeople for Good/i encourage Canadians to be nicer to each other: Toronto, ON - Want to feel better while making Canada a better place? Open the door for a stranger! People for Good, a social movement encouraging Canadians to be nicer to each other, is taking Canada by storm – one good deed at a time.

Girl's Volleyball

So I finally was able to contact a few coaches and find out what was going on with zone finals...
Our team will not play until Thursday. We will be playing the winner of St. Pius and St. Matthew who are going to play on Wednesday. This means we WILL NEED PARENT DRIVERS ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18th... Grade 7's can come and watch and be a part of the team from a supportive stance. Grade 8's will be playing, but keep in mind it WILL NOT BE EQUAL PLAYING TIME.

Our practices will be this Monday and Wednesday after school. If our gym is free on Tuesday, perhaps we can try to schedule time then. Otherwise, we will try to get in serving practice at noon hour possibly on Tuesday or Wednesday at 12:15.

Now for our second game ... It depends on how we do... we will probably play another game on Monday, November 21st. I don't know against who, because it depends on how we do ... So volleyball players, be sure to have your parents ready to drive on that Monday as well. Thank you in advance, and I apologize for not having a full schedule, but due to the format of the zone finals, this is what we are working with.

Be sure to practice, calling, "mine" or "got it". :-)