Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Homework and Easter

Reminders to students who have not completed homework and have been notified. Please complete and hand in after the holidays, before it gets away on you!

Tomorrow will be our last Today's Meet from the Interschool Dystopian Book Club Project. Please be sure to make any last touches to your Fakebook, as I have yet to finalize marking the project. I have had a chance to work with and chat with many of you about your project, or leave comments on your kidblog. So please take the time to act on these recommendations. We are all busy, but this was a major project, so take a little time to finalize what you need to.

In terms of the Pink Day Persuasive 5 Slide Partner Assignment (see previous blog post), this will not be due over the holidays. We will resume when you return. I think this project will be interdisciplinary and incorporate Health. If some of you are interested in working on the project over the holidays, Google Docs (slide show) is definitely the way to go with collaborating. I will explain tomorrow. Or... You can use prezi and share an account with your partner.

Thank you to the Teacher Liturgy Team that put on the wonderful "Sensory Stations of the Cross" activity. What a memorable experience! Thank you also to the students who took the time to pray and reflect on the stations and who were respectful of the sacrifices that Jesus made for us.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone. Remember no school on Friday, as it is Good Friday. Take a moment to pray on Good Friday. Perhaps watch a video or powerpoint. See below.

If you have a moment take a look at a powerpoint for the Stations of the Cross...

Click on the link below and view the Stations of the Cross Powerpoint...