Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rewind 2011 Big Events

Top Events of 2011

What were the key events of 2011? Which ones made the biggest impact? Was it a natural disaster? Economic disaster? Political revolution? Scientific mind blowing event? according to you, which one made the biggest impact on people?

Using the sites below to guide you, decide which event had the most impact? Research, why the event occurred. What were the causes? What happened exactly? What were the effects? Not just on people, but on other elements too.... Governments, science, countries, economies...
--- Be sure to use a Cause and Effect graphic organizer to guide you. An example will be provided on this blog and in class.

Finally, create an Infograph to help persuade your peers that the event you chose was the greatest, most influential event of 2011. To create your Infographto, go to Remember, you will need to access your account information from Ms. SM.

Finally, link your glog to your kidblog account so that others can check it out. Be sure to do a trial run to ensure that it works.


United nations video
Good Magazine


YouTube - United Nations year in review 2011

Maps of the world video of 2011 in 60 seconds

Map of 2011 Key Events...
You can vote for the top event from the site via Twitter!

Google's Top Searches Video

Google's Top Ten Lists - Global Searches...
What can we infer about what was important to people of different continents and nations?

Yahoo's year in review...

How did Canada impact the world in 2011? See CBC and learn how....

CBC Rewind

Rex Murphy 's Rant - The original man of The Rant... Oh I love this guy! He really makes you think... and laugh!

Bob Macdonald's look at Science and Technology

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