Thursday, May 24, 2012

French Project - The Amazing Race

L'incroyable Course Autour du Monde - The Amazing Race

In partners of groups of 3 people you will create challenges or "Défi" for the Amazing Race. After researching a little about your Francophone country, you will create a Francophone (French speaking) Amazing Race.
In this Amazing Race or "L'incroyable Course Autour du Monde", you are going to create a series of challenges for the competitors going to the French speaking country.

Your challenges for the Amazing Race, must come from each of the following categories:
1) Défi Physique (Physical Challenge)
2) Défi Culturel (Cultural Challenge)
3) Défi Historique (Historical Challenge)
4) Défi Aléatoire (Random Challenge)
* Be sure to research these challenges, they must be accurate and specific to each country. You may find videos, images or music, as well as information, that will assist in making your presentation more interactive to the class!

You must use vocabulary studied in the unit and demonstrate a constant use of the "Future Proche" Tense...
Subject + Aller Conjugated with the Subject + Infinitive 2nd Verb + Rest of Sentence
Ex: Nous allons visiter France avec mes amis. Nous allons manger beacoup des baguettes dans Paris!

After researching the Challenges ( Les Défi), you are going to prepare a Prezi Presentation.
Prezi is a free website, one of you will need to create an account... but all members will need access.

Prezi Directions...
1) Have a large map of your country (large version of the map that will act as background to the Prezi)
2) Destination Markers
- Type of Challenge
- Basic Directions in numeric form 1), 2), 3), 4), 5)
- Include approximately 5 steps in your directions.
3) Link/Embedded videos help your presentation!
4) Include pictures of landmarks, activities that aid in your presentation...

French Speaking Countries:
France, Haiti, Ile de Martinique, Ivory Coast, Mumbai, Canada, Congo, Madagascar, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Rwanda, Burundi, Togo, Monoco, Switzerland, Luxemberg, Chad, Niger, Berlin

When You Begin...
Start researching places, famous landmarks, activities in each country.