Thursday, February 17, 2011

South Sudan Votes

Visit the following site and complete the questions below...

(same article as was given in class).

Extention - Check out the following podcast (include transcript) on the referendum and Southern Sudan... Then check out the Holocaust museum in New York... After the holocaust, people said, "Never Again", however has this been the case? Although it's depressing, it is real, and we should be aware, there has been atrocities all over the world since WWII. Go to the sites links below.

"You Are My Witness" - Isaiah 43:10 "Defying Genocide"

"No On Our Watch" Darfur (Northern Sudan) - Although not in Southern Sudan... but a video with images from the Holocaust War Museum...

Questions - Copy... Paste and compose answers in complete sentences...
Due: Wednesday, Feb.23rd.

1. What evidence in the article supports the fact that the people supported independence?
Give 3 examples that you can infer from the article.

2. What is one of the main resources or industries of Southern Sudan? Why would there be potential conflict?

3. What did South Sudan's leader, Salva Kiir, state that he will campaign for?

4. What is the country going to be called?

5. Why do you think that the new leader, Salva Kiir has to campaign for the international community to forgive the country's debts?

6. What is the general feeling of the country's citizens about the formation? Use statements from the article to support your ideas.

7. How are the U.S. actions in removing South Sudan from "a list" going to help the country?