Thursday, October 20, 2011

Architecture Goes to School

Housing Concepts...
How do we use our space wisely?
How do we reduce our "footprint" amount of land space used for housing?
Community Issues... How can we create buildings... tall buildings to create community? How can a parent who lives in an apartment building interact with his/her children outside? How can you create a "tower-like" apartment/condos... that has a green space in a tower?
How can you incorporate the "green space" or community area into an apartment building? How can you make an apartment or a "MULTI-FAMILY" housing that will accomodate many different family needs? Get away from the "BOX" idea... with just floors... How will you promote community? Neighbours helping neighbours... The whole community looking out for each other.

What you build forms social patterns (ways we interact) in our neighbourhood?

How do you make streets and fronts of buildings safe?

"Attracktions" need to also look at issues related to safety and community...


Architecture... Graphic Artistist Designer

Check out promos... see Harbour Landing...

Making a Difference-Halloween and Craig Kielburger


Have you ever thought, "I wish I could make a difference, but I'm only a kid." Well there was a boy who wanted to make a difference, but he wouldn't let that stop him...

Meet Craig Kielburger...

Craig Kielburger

How far would you go to change the world?? What can a kid do to change the world??

Craig Kielburger today...
What is "Free the Children"?

Actions to make a difference - NOW!!
Halloween for Hunger

HALLOWEEN FOR HUNGER - Deshaye's Mini Minga Movement latest drive to make a difference!! Make HALLOWEEN more than costumes and candy... Let's make all students a little more "saint-like" as we get closer to All-Saints Day!
This year we are going to ask our Deshaye community to collect cans for the Food Bank when they go Trick or Treating.... Of course students should always go with either a parent or ask people they know for donations. Imagine of every kid collected 2 cans or other non-perishable items?? We could get almost 700 food items! This effort would make a huge difference to the REGINA FOOD BANK, which incidently always gets a little low on food after Thanksgiving. 

Why are we doing this???
Some people may think that we're asking our community to give in one more way... we ask too much... Well, this time we are spreading awareness about the importance of hunger in our community and the importance of giving back.

All Souls and All Saints are traditionally celebrated around Halloween... Well, here's one more opportunity for students to be all the more "Saint-like" - like Mother Teresa - and look for ways to raise awareness about hunger in our own community. All non -perishable donations will be collected at Deshaye, and picked up by Food Bank volunteers.

halloween cats pictures

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