Thursday, October 31, 2013

Weekend Homework

Be sure to complete the assignment for the article, "Kids encouraged to build peace". Hand in this assignment Monday. Be sure to write in complete sentences. 

 In addition to this you will be researching life of child labourers them composing a monologue from the perspective of a child labourer. Start researching now. Explore sites to see what it's like to be a child who doesn't have the opportunity to go to school but instead must work in poverty.... 

Before Reading...
Big question... What is child labour and why should we care? 

Compose and write down 3 questions you have about child labour or issues related to child labour.

Check out the Government of Canada website below, and complete the following. 

After Reading
Look at the questions you composed before. 

What facts are provided in the link that can be answered in that website? 

Are your questions fully answered? 

Explain why or why not? 

Where are you going to find the answers?

After reading the information in the website, what questions do you have now? Write 2 more

On Kidblog, compose a blog post with your first 2 questions, answers you found from the Government of Canada website and also your 2 new questions. 

With Kidblog, you will have a chance to see who else shares the same questions as you, and explore answers with them.