Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Persuasive Book Talk

In the next couple weeks, you should be finished the book you chose for AR testing this month.  You will be creating a Persuasive Book Talk Presentation, where you will either try to convince us to "READ IT or LEAVE IT".

The book must be one that is within your reading level (see the AR colour dots on your folder), and be one that you have tested on this year (January 1st to May).

Your presentation may be at least 5 slides and be created using Powerpoint, Google Slideshow, or Prezi.
Your presentation must be approximately 2 minutes.

In the presentation you must use at least 2 techniques for persuading that we discussed in class... (Ethos, Pathos, Logos, Big Names etc...).

In the Book Talk Presentation, you need to explore the plot, character development and interactions (protagonist, antagonist and supporting characters, setting, tone, climax and author's message, but DO NOT give any spoilers!!

All books must be read by May 20th, at the very latest. 
We will start presenting May 23rd.

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