Friday, June 4, 2010


Students you still need to create a 1-3 paragraph blog on your thoughts on the oil spill. Ensure that you have proper paragraph organization and that it is edited for mechanical errors etc. You can post the blog (include your initials or a nickname that I can recognize with your blog please).

Here are some depressing and shocking photos from the spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Click on the links to the ctv website.

Brown Pelicans in oil

Wild life affected by oilspill

Effort to contain Gulf spill stalls as oil spreads

Leonardo de Caprios Eco website... lots of great stuff on the oil spill.

Burning Oil
Gulf 'media blackout' triggers journalist fury
CBS, CNN, the New York Times — these are not fringe media outlets. And when Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric complain about press barricades, you know that not only is the rumored media blackout very real, but it is clearly also very serious.
Oil Spill
Gulf Oil Spill: BP’s Poor Record So Far Dulls Hope for Future
In the more than seven weeks since its deep-sea well exploded and began belching oil and gas into the Gulf of Mexico, all BP has done is make the leak worse.
BP logo with oil
From the Ground: BP Censoring Media, Destroying Evidence
Orange Beach, Alabama -- While President Obama insists that the federal government is firmly in control of the response to BP's spill in the Gulf, people in coastal communities where I visited last week in Louisiana and Alabama know an inconvenient truth: BP -- not our president -- controls the response. In fact, people on the ground say things are out of control in the gulf.
Anti Oil
Want to Avoid Using Oil? It’s in Everything from Shampoo to Vitamins
Washington(AP) -- So the Gulf oil spill has you ready to quit petroleum cold turkey? Louisiana's brown pelicans have more of a chance of avoiding Big Oil than you do.
Oil Covered Bird
Oil-Coated Birds Could Be Cooked Alive as Gulf Heats Up
Things keep getting worse and worse for the bird populations around the Gulf Coast. First, experts revealed that once a bird is coated in oil, it's almost certain to die -- citing that less than 1% survive, even if they're thoroughly cleaned. Now, scientists are worried that oil-covered birds will literally be cooked alive by the heat-absorbing oil.
Oil Rig
Obama overlooked key points in offshore drilling review
Washington — Weeks before the world had ever heard of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, President Barack Obama stood in the Roosevelt Room of the White House poring over maps of oil drilling sites in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska and elsewhere.

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