Monday, November 18, 2013


Grade 8's do not rush this assignment. It is to be at least 3 paragraphs. However for a quality introduction and conclusion maybe 5 paragraphs. Read through the whole assignment sheet I gave you, or check out previous blog  posts on this assignment.

After you research and brainstorm your web, your outline for your draft might look like this. However you can organize your ideas in other ways. This is just a framework to give you an idea of how to organize the monologue...

Be sure to REVIEW ALL THE QUESTIONS I gave you on the assignment. This means do not rush, as this is an assignment you need to research, get an informed opinion of what it's like to be a child labourer, then write from their perspective. You are going to be the voice of those kids who have no voice. 
 What kids of things do you need to include? For example, You need to explore exactly what you eat, where you sleep... Go through ALL THE QUESTIONS from the assignment and ANSWER THEM IN THE MONOLOGUE. Be sure to fully explore the details of what it's like to be a child labourer. Paint your audience a picture of your life!! Get the audience to think and care!

The framework for your Child Labour Monologue could be as follows...
Paragraph #1 – Who you are, age, where you live… your family (what do you know about them?)
Paragraph #2 – How you ended up being a child labourer, how long have you been a labourer, what has life been like for you up to this point. 
Paragraph #3  - A day in your life - from morning to night...
Paragraph #4 –  Your hopes, dreams for the future. What does your future look like with no education?
Paragraph #5 – Closing… What would you say if you were a child labourer in closing? How would you capture the "hearts and minds" of your audience and get them to care? Use language that creates an emotional response in your audience... This means ask your audience questions, add repetition for effect... 

THE PRESENTATION Finally, find a picture on line that you think could represent your child labourer. See Tag and type in “child labor” and “poverty”. Then choose a picture, save it in your pictures and upload to kidblog. 

EXTENSION... Consider adding more visuals to help your audience connect with your Monologue. Remember the overall objective is to tell the story of a child labourer and get your audience to care about the issue. 

What can you add to your post to get your audience to care?

** YOU WILL HAND IN YOUR RESEARCH, the TWO COLUMN GRAPHIC ORGANIZER (be sure to cite your sources!!)  I Will expect to see about 2 of these.