Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Like free?

Free learning tools... Check out... You gotta love free!!!

Want to make infographics for class, and want something that's free, because Glogster costs money? :-(
Check out the following link:

I decided to try Infogram. It was easy to use and I just logged in  with Twitter, didn't even have to set up an account....
Play with a beta version of a free on-line program... I did, and made a fake infograph on mystery skyping... once published, you can still go back and edit. Many featues did not work... pic uploads... could have made a chart, but needed data...

It's definitely the beta version... but neat!

Another beta program for Infographics that's free...! Great how-to video!

Free podcasting Tools

Tried out Soundcloud, but it's not totally free! You get 2 hours of free podcast time... okay for a one time project, as long as no one needs to re-record... then again it's free!