Friday, October 4, 2013

The Lorax and Two Islands

Blogging Reflection Questions.

Responses are to be written in complete sentences, using the question in your answer. Write your response on


1. What does this mean?

2. What message can you infer?

3. What was the author's intent or purpose in writing the book and for choosing an "open ending"? (Open ending means you can imagine an ending or leaves room for a sequel).

4. What connections can you make?

a)Text to self...

b)Text to text... ("Two Islands" and The Lorax)

c)Text to world...(Two Islands, The Lorax and what's happening in the world. Find an article or a video, create a link in your blog and explain the connection.)

I Need to Wake Up...
Go to another post on my blog to view/listen to the song...

and be sure to think of connections to The Lorax and Two Islands.

What CONNECTIONS CAN YOU MAKE?? Add these to your blog response. If you can't make any connections, see my other selection of songs related to the Environment theme. Click on those links.