Friday, July 18, 2014

Calling All Geniuses!!

The latest idea that I am totally in love with is ... Genius Hour!!! It's an opportunity for students to explore an inquiry project that engages and motivates them.
The key is that the project must be:
*Researched (but if the answer can be found too quickly, then perhaps the topic needs to focus on a "bigger idea")
*Findings must be Shared with the world (which means digitally)

However rather than telling you about this amazing inquiry-based student driven approach to learning, check out these resources:

The Genius Hour Book (which looks at Genius Hour and other Inquiry and Problem Based Learning Ideas)

The blog, "My Own Genius Hour" for fantastic resources like a 
live binder, videos (oh, just check it out!)

Genius Road - A blog with great digital ways to bring Genius Hour alive

Ms. Bertrand's Class Blog - Great resources to help explain the concept

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