Ms. Stewie's Classroom Procedures 2013-2014

St. Francis Community School Grade 8


Procedures are a part of our everyday functioning in society and the world. Establishing positive, clear, and concise classroom procedures for daily tasks and activities is a proactive approach which allows for students to appreciate consistency and be clear of teacher expectations at all times.

Students at this age level are becoming more responsible and mature. As teachers, it is our responsibility to introduce and facilitate positive working and learning habits as students strive to become more independent in work habits, organization, and responsibilities. It is our hope that we can influence this development in a positive and constructive manner. The following procedures will be modelled and practiced on an ongoing basis to ensure student success each day.

Entering the Room

1. Enter quietly and politely; remove your hat if you're wearing one; don't interrupt other students; follow the appropriate procedures for each time of day (e.g., morning, after lunch, after a special class).

Leaving the Room

1. Always ask permission first.

Beginning the Day

1. Coats and bags must be hung at the coat rack area.

2. Put homework in the appropriate "Hand in" file, place agenda on your desk.

3. Take seat and immediately begin Bell Work...silently!

4. Check daily timetable and put appropriate materials on desk to begin.

5. Check board for special directions.

Ending the Day

At the end of the day, you will have ten minutes to:

1. Complete your agenda and show the teacher.

2. Clean off your desk and pick up trash within three feet of desk area.

3. Pack homework and agenda into bag, get jacket on and wait quietly to be dismissed.

Quieting the Class

“Give Me Five” students have 10 seconds to stop, look, and listen.

(Other teachers may employ other specific techniques which will be practiced with students)


1. When instructed, put all materials away and sit quietly to be called on to line up or be dismissed.

2. Teacher escorts students to gym, library or decided upon destination.

3. Students are quiet in the halls at all times demonstrating respect for other working classrooms.

When You Are Late

1. You are required to go to the office first before coming to class.

2. Any missed instruction will be offered to student at first available recess period. Students are expected to quietly join in the routine of classroom without prompting.


1. Students may use the washroom with teacher permission and during lunch breaks.

2. To indicate that you need to use the washroom raise one finger. Only one person may leave to use the washroom at one time. Students are required to carry their agenda and get it signed by the teacher when being excused to go to the washroom.


1. Water bottles are permitted when used in a responsible and respectful manner. Sharing of water bottles is not encouraged for health reasons.

Pencil Sharpening

1. Students are invited to use their own sharpeners as is necessary.

2. All students are welcome to use classroom pencil sharpener observing appropriate and respectful times.

Respectful Listening

1. Whenever the teacher or a classmate is speaking, students are expected to be sitting silently, with empty hands, looking at the speaker.

2. Whenever there are announcements, students are expected to stop and listen to the speaker.

3. All ideas are valued, please raise your hand before speaking at all times.

Classroom Movement

1. Keep all necessary materials in desks.

2. Any other materials not available in desk can be obtained with teacher’s permission following instruction.

3. Be respectful of lesson being taught and personal space of others.


1. Hands are to be washed prior to eating.

2. Students are to eat in desks or at tables as per discretion of lunchroom supervisor. (students will not eat on the floor)

3. Students are required to treat each other with respect, maintain appropriate noise level, and interact appropriately with lunchroom supervisors.

4. ALL lunch materials must be put away and room must be clean before students are dismissed.

Work Page Set-up

All assignments, notes, and activities MUST include the following:

1. Today’s date in top right hand corner and due date if applicable.

2. Title and page number if applicable.

3. Name (if assignment is to be handed in).

4. Daily math assignments must include date, page number and items to be completed. Students are encouraged to vertically divide their page in half and complete work the left column, then the right column. This ensures a tidy, well organized notebook.

Evaluation Items

All tests, rubrics, and any other graded assignments will be sent home to obtain a parent signature and returned to school. In some circumstances, work may be sent home in a portfolio and may be signed at that time.


1. Handing in finished work/homework – Make sure your name and date are on your
paper; place your work in the "completed work" file, located on your teacher's desk.

2. In order to keep parents informed of your assignments and what is happening at school, they MUST sign your agenda daily.

3. Incomplete Work:

• Late assignments will be deducted marks accordingly (5% per day).

• ALL assignments must be completed on or by due date indicated. Students will use class time to do so, if this is not possible arrangements will be made to complete work at school outside regular instruction time(recess or after school) with teacher assistance or at home.

• Students are expected to be responsible for their own work, however parents will be notified (this maybe in addition to notes in the agenda) one week after an assignment is past due.

• Students are responsible for work and assignments missed when absent. Each person will have a homework buddy who will help to answer questions. The teacher is always available for further explanation. If you have missed a day, you can check our classroom blog to get more information on homework and lessons. 

*Homework can also be e-mailed to me at Please ensure that assignments are fully completed before e-mailing.

Free Time

1. If you finish an assignment, first work on any unfinished assignments that are due.; when you finish those, you may choose to do a classroom job, read a book, write a story, illustrate a picture, make up math problems, work on a research project, peer-tutor someone who needs your help, or clean your desk or organize your binders.

Desk Organization

1. Students are responsible for care of personal items and school supplies utilizing pencil cases.

2. Desks are to be kept reasonably neat; all loose paper items should be kept in appropriate subject in binder or taken home. If a student is unable to keep binder organized, they will be expected to spend recess time doing so with teacher assistance.

Addressing Concerns

1. When/if students have concerns with peers they will have an opportunity to voice these concerns to teacher in writing and a discussion of any concerns will be arranged.

2. When/if a student feels they are being treated unfairly in any way by peers or teachers they are invited to express these concerns as soon as possible in writing first so that students feel little anxiety or stress.

*All concerns will be taken seriously and discussed with those involved in order to ensure a safe and respectful environment that respects the integrity of all.

Classroom Jobs

1. All students are invited to sign up if they so wish to be a classroom helper.

2. Helper activities could be completed when work is finished or during some recess or lunch periods.

3. Student work comes first; therefore all assignments must be completed to date for students to participate.

4. Duties may include signing out library books, sharing information with guest teachers, classroom organization, upkeep or preparation, handing in attendance folder to office, etc...

Library Book Exchange

1. Assigned helper will sign out all student books.

2. Students will enter library in small groups to find a minimum of one chapter book and a second book of choice.

3. Students will demonstrate and respect appropriate library conduct as indicated in library orientation by Ms. Stewart-Mitchell in order to maintain library privileges.

Fire drill

1. Stop everything; stand up and head for the door quickly, but without running or pushing

2. Do not cover your ears; do not make any side trips;

3. Form a line and maintain order en route to safe designated safe area outside;

4. Last person out of the room is responsible for turning off lights and closing classroom door.


**All personal electronic devices brought to school are done so at owner’s risk.
*Students are asked to always use devices appropriately and respectfully.

1. Students will be allowed to use digital devices at times specifically indicated by teacher.

2. Use of cellular phones during school time is allowed for some activities. Permission to use Smart phones must be given by teacher. 

3. Game-boys, DS or any other game oriented devices are respectfully asked to remain at home.

4. Due care, respect, and responsibility is expected of students at all times when choosing to use any personal electronic device.

5. If appropriate use is not demonstrated students may be asked to not bring items back to school or teacher will assume responsibility for device until it can be retrieved by parent.

*** Parents are asked to sign the "hard copy" or paper copy of this document. Please refer to the last page sent home with your child, sign it and return the paper to school.

Ms. Stewart Mitchell and Mr. Baumgartner’s Grade 8 Class Schedule…
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
ELA  Bellwork (D.O.L. or D.E.A.R.)
Phys. Ed.
Mr. Baumgartner
Arts Ed. *1:05-2:05
30 min
15 min
Career Ed
Arts Ed. *2:05-3:05
Fully Alive
Phys. Ed. 2:20-3:05
* Teachers... Feel free to use these procedures in your room. The original idea for this document came from Harry Wong's book, The First Days of School.  Use this resource, I give full permission, just  remember to source this blogsite as your reference.  
Jennifer Stewart-Mitchell