Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thank you!

Thank you Grade eights for a wonderful year! I've really enjoyed your humour, your insightful comments and all your unique personalities. All the best and good luck to you, as you go on to high school. 

If you need to get in touch, feel free to send me a tweet via Twitter @jstewistewie. Take care!! 

Ms. Stewie

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Copy and correct the following, then discuss the changes for these Slack-jaw Yokel sentences... 

1. Maria had baked a cake tomorrow for the grade 8 fare wel?

2. Althea insissted on decoratin the gym for the country western perfermar on thursday am.

3. M.j. Planned on whereing a tuxedo they're at that event than at last minite changed his mind he would of cawsed quiet a stir with that there outfit 

Could you find the corrections?!? 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

RAD and Math Evaluation

For students who are away... We completed the RAD Final Assessment today. You will have a chance to catch up on it on Monday.
*We have been doing quite a bit of preparations for the test. See the pages on this blog for Text cue lessons and main idea lessons.
*This assessment is worth 10% of Reading in Term 3 ELA.

Mr. B has been administering the Math Diagnostic Final Assessment for the past couple days. If students are away, they will be completing the assessment asap. The students have been preparing for the past couple weeks doing review assignments.


French Quiz Monday - Aliments, viandes et substitutes, and condiments vocabulary
Allowed a study sheet on the Knowledge wall.

French Presentations - Wednesday and Thursday
*Need a script, recipe card (with ingredients and instructions), and any extra presentation items.
* I will provide some cooking implements (bowls, wooden spoons, cutting boards etc.), but be creative you can bring a costume!
* This assignment is in partners or small groups (up to 4 people), you must ensure that everyone has a speaking part.
*If you wish you can bring a sample to share, but it's up to you. See the assignment on the home page of this blog.
*Evaluation - script, recipe card (in french), speaking skills (practice!! Use the websites for vocabulary and videos that I provided links to.)

Hand in: Defying the Gods Questions (overdue)

Gods and Goddesses trait sheets (large paper - jot notes for each god/goddess x 12) due Monday.
AR Read it or Leave it Book Review and Trailer presentations start Tuesday and Weds.
Send me links to your reviews/trailers if on Prezi, Animoto or Youtube....
My e-mail:

Monday, June 9, 2014

RAD Prep

RAD Prep - Ancient Greeks Social Structure p. 60 -69

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Finding the Main Idea Assignment and Websites...

Here is another lesson to prepare you for the upcoming RAD assessment....

Assignment Sheet for Finding the Main Idea...

Websites to Videos and Slideshow Presentations on Finding the Main Idea...

French Food Resources

Answer key for Viandes et Substitutes, Aliments et Condiments
Grade 7 Quiz - Weds (Knowlege wall!)

French Food Show Script Phrases to help you...

Food Preparation Sites to check out...

Food Vocabulary for Food Preparation
*** Click on this link to get recipe preparation vocabulary. There are even sound clips, just click on the speaker to hear the words pronounced.

Food Preparation Videos from a French chef - watch the video with captions!

French Vocabulary "In the Kitchen"

The Assignment sheet to assist you...
Jot note words for your recipe and cooking show assignment on this handout!

Recipe Assignment and RUBRIC for evaluation - "Recette Asssignment"

Use this vocabulary from the 1st link on this blog...

Text Features Slideshow

Text features help you understand and make sense of Non-Fiction books, articles or essays. You need to know the vocabulary for identifying text features for your RAD assessment coming up in the next couple weeks. These handouts and presentations are to help you prepare.

Slide show on Text Features

Handout to assist in analysing the features