Wednesday, June 11, 2014


French Quiz Monday - Aliments, viandes et substitutes, and condiments vocabulary
Allowed a study sheet on the Knowledge wall.

French Presentations - Wednesday and Thursday
*Need a script, recipe card (with ingredients and instructions), and any extra presentation items.
* I will provide some cooking implements (bowls, wooden spoons, cutting boards etc.), but be creative you can bring a costume!
* This assignment is in partners or small groups (up to 4 people), you must ensure that everyone has a speaking part.
*If you wish you can bring a sample to share, but it's up to you. See the assignment on the home page of this blog.
*Evaluation - script, recipe card (in french), speaking skills (practice!! Use the websites for vocabulary and videos that I provided links to.)

Hand in: Defying the Gods Questions (overdue)

Gods and Goddesses trait sheets (large paper - jot notes for each god/goddess x 12) due Monday.
AR Read it or Leave it Book Review and Trailer presentations start Tuesday and Weds.
Send me links to your reviews/trailers if on Prezi, Animoto or Youtube....
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