Sunday, March 10, 2013

OER on Web 2.0 resources

Check out this OER - open Educational Resource on Web tools for education! Love it lots!!

How to Integrate Tech in the Classroom

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Everything you need to know about effective integration.... But is it??

Is tech integration just having a great lesson that involves apps or on-line sites? Is it about finding a cool activity that will engage and get the students attention - because after all they are the "Net Generation" - and this is the only way you can sustain their attention?

Do you ever find yourself going on line to quickly find an activity like a Webquest or on-line based worksheet because you need to get the students on the computers? If you have, take look at the following model for tech integration. To effectively tech integrate, the tech tool/ resource /activity must match the differentiated needs of the students, as well as the subject or content being taught. Sounds reasonable right? This means that as teachers plan, consideration and knowledge must go into each of these three areas. Surprisingly enough the tech tool must not upstage students' needs or content. Technology is a vehicle to support or enhance learning - it's not the final destination or the main attraction...

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Article which explains a little about TPCK

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