Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Get Inspired by The Dot and Free the Children

How do the following words connect? How are they different? Web the connections of 8 words on a separate piece of paper.

inspired                        challenge                        defense            labour                        dream
motivated                   apathy                                    society           cause                        success
supportive                        empathy                        global            motivate            risk
awareness                        rebellious                        citizen          confidence           
personal growth

The Dot by Peter Reynolds
“Just make a mark and see where it takes you”

Before Reading Discussion Questions
Have you ever been inspired?

What do you find inspiring?

During Reading
"Watch" The Dot...

After Reading – “Discussion Dots Carousel”
Choose 2 questions and discuss with a partner, then after 2 minutes, switch partners, after 2 minutes… (repeat until you have discussed 8 questions or spoke with 4 different people).

o Why was Vashti’s paper empty?
o Do you ever feel like Vashti?
o Why did Vashti’s teacher ask her to sign her name?
o How did Vashti feel when she saw her picture framed?
o What motivated her to try something new?
o How did Vashti’s dots look at the show? Did her art improve?
o How did she feel about herself?
o What did she ask the boy to draw for her?
o What happened after the boy signed his art?
o When Vashti was “stumped” or felt unmotivated to draw, how did the teacher react? What if Vashti’s teacher did not react in this positive way?
o How did the teacher’s words make a difference in how Vashti felt about herself?
o Have you ever been in a similar situation where you were like Vashti? Or have you been in a situation where you were like her teacher?

Final Thoughts…
What is the main lesson from this “kids’ story”?
How can we take this lesson and apply it to our own lives?
What challenge are you willing to try this year?

Connect the Dots Inspiration Activity
Each of you will create your own dot. One side of the dot, decorate it as you wish but be sure to include your name in some way.  On the opposite side of the dot, write something you want to accomplish (feel free to write more than one goal you wish to accomplish). 
*After we are finished creating our dots, we will then connect the dots using a piece of yarn, and create class “dot garland”. Other suggestions?

“Free the Children”
Essay written by Craig Kielburger and Kevin Major, Crossroads 7

Before Reading Discussion

How much control do you think you have over what happens in your community ? In the world?

How aware do you think we should be of global issues? How do we learn about problems in the world?

What social issue would you like to do something about?

Writer’s Craft Pre-reading Questions
Why does it say the authors are Craig Kielburger “with Kevin Major”?

How could this impact the essay?

During Reading
Write any examples of words that you think help make the language more specific or more descriptive in the essay. How does the author do more than “tell you”, but instead “shows you” what’s going on in the essay?
Example of words include:

shackle, mafia…

After Reading Discussion

1. Were you surprised by the story of Iqbal Masih and how some children are mistreated this way?

2. Why do you think his story motivated Craig Kielburger, “like no other story of injustice”?

3. Craig said he would rebel if he was a child labourer. What might discourage children from rebelling if they are in this situation?

4. Should children speak out in defense of children?

After Reading Assignment

"Kids need to be seen and heard" - Craig Kielburger (see video, "The Story of Craig Kielburger"produced by Sherine Mansour. Embedded at the bottom of the page.)

How can inspiration motivate us? What connections can you make with each of the selections? How can you incorporate the author’s message into your own life? How are these two very different selections similar? Write a paragraph that explores how these selections are similar, as well as the connections that you can make between the author’s message your life or the world around you.

Your paragraph should be 7-10 sentences and include a topic sentence as well as a closing sentence. Brainstorm what you will write about in a web; compose a rough draft, self-revise the language (make it more “exciting” with the use of a thesaurus), edit, then finally peer revise and peer edit your piece.
*Do on looseleaf.
* Use a peer editing sheet. Here is a digital version of one we will use from ReadWriteThink

Extend and Inquire Further…
So does “Free the Children” still exist today? How active is it? If it still exists, what kinds of initiatives has it been apart of to inspire change in the world?

Do a little inquiry digging… What impact has Iqbal Masih and Craig Kielburger made in our world? How old were they when they got inspired to “make their mark”… where did it take them??

Share any of your findings with the class. Record “Tweet Outs” on our Global Citizens bulletin board with your findings.
*A “Tweet Out” is meant to be short… it can be longer than the typical Twitter Tweet of 140 characters, but try to summarize key facts about Iqbal or Craig.

Videos about Iqbal and Craig

Craig and Marc Kielburger on Strombo CBC... Good interview.
They explore how we can all make a difference and bring about social change, and Canadians who have made a difference.

So, what's next? How can we channel awareness and activism into ACTION!

What does Marc and Craig mean by making a difference here in Canada to other places around the world where human rights are being violated?

Welcome to Grade 8!

Hello grade 8's... Welcome to a new year

at St. Francis!

You are fortunate to have to 2 teachers for homeroom this year... as well as many other teachers who will help to "form your minds"!

Ms. Stewart-Mitchell - am

Mr. Baumgartner - pm

Teacher and Subjects…
Mr. Baumgartner…Math, Health, Career Ed., Religion, Fully Alive and Phys. Ed. (Day 2)
Ms. Stewart-Mitchell… ELA and French
Mr. Rieger …Science
Mrs. Trudell…Social
Mr. Balon… Arts Ed.
Mr. Hayes… Phys. Ed (Day 3, 4)

Ms. Stewart Mitchell & Mr. Baumgartner’s Grade 8 Class Schedule…
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
ELA  Bellwork (D.O.L. or D.E.A.R.)
Phys. Ed.
Mr. Baumgartner
Arts Ed. *1:05-2:05
30 min
15 min
Career Ed
Arts Ed. *2:05-3:05
Fully Alive
Phys. Ed. 2:20-3:05