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Merciful Works for Lent Reflection

LENT 2012...

So What's all this talk of sacrifice and giving all about? Why is Lent so important to Catholics??

Need to Know More About Lent and why we do the things we do as Catholics???
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Meditation for Lent...

Why is the 40 Days of Lent so Important?

A Journey Through Lent
A journey through lent in pictures, words, phrases and music. Join Christ from his entry into Jerusalem through the Last Supper.

When we look  at the work of mercy, we need to examine the passage from Matthew.

Matthew (Matt. 25: 34-36, 40)

Then the King will say to the sheep,

“Come and receive your share of the kingdom

which I have prepared for you.

For when I was hungry, you gave me food.

When I was thirsty, you gave me drink.

When I was a stranger, you made me feel welcome.

When I had nothing to wear, you gave me clothes.

When I was sick, you took care of me and when I was in prison, you came and visited me.

And the King will answer,

“When you do those things for any of my brothers and sisters in need, you do it to me.

And those who do those things will live with God forever.”

Reflection: We will explore "Work of mercy" - What does this mean to be merciful? What does food have to do with being merciful?? Let's reflect on the reflection below, "When I was hungry, you gave me food".

When I was hungry, you gave me food.

Many people in the world go hungry, they cannot grow their own food or do not have enough money to buy food. Some things you can do to help feed the hungry are: support organizations like HCA to help feed the hungry in poor and developing countries, appreciate the food you have and don’t waste it. You can even make donations to our Regina Food Bank.

Another way of seeing someone’s hunger is to understand that everyone needs love and attention. Think of someone who is lonely – they are hungry for friendship, or even for a smile. Someone who acts silly to get attention and gets in trouble for doing that is hungry for attention too. Giving someone a compliment or seeing their positive qualities and strengths, inviting them to join a game or including them in an activity, or even just spending time with them is a way of ‘feeding the hungry.’

What will you do to show Works of Mercy?
On KIDBLOG.ORG, you will write a post expressing how you will show works of Mercy during Lent. The title of you post: How I will Show Works of Mercy

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