Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Assessment Information

 End of Year Assessments... N
Next week there will be the grade 7-8 Math Diagnostic Test; the week after, the Social, Science tests will be given June 22, 23... And we just finished the RAD (Reading Diagnostic test) and Math 8 AFL (Provincial Assessment for Learning) test... There has been lots going on... So it's important that students stay on top of things and stay focused!

Are the grades included on the report card from the Math 8 AFL? Yes they are. I have photocopied and will mark the multiple choice part of the test for the AFL, being that it has to be submitted to the Ministry of Education. The  Math Diagnostic  and final RAD assessment will also be included. Keep in mind these marks will have the SAME LEVEL OF WEIGHT on the report card as any other test or major assignment. These marks will be included, because the Ministry of Education and the Board Office has noticed that when marks are included, students tend to take the assessments more seriously, and make more of an effort to prepare for the assessment.

I have also decided to include these marks on the report card, because there was class time used in teaching and student preparation for the assessments. Therefore being that significant time was given to preparation, we should include the marks. For the grade 8 Math, for questions on the AFL for information not yet explored, students were given short mini-lessons to help prepare for this portion of the test, in addition to practice questions given in 2 preparation booklets. Answer keys and additional instruction time at recess, was also provided in the week prior to the test.
The Math 8 AFL practice preparation booklets are more than just "practice". Students are expected to complete the booklets to the best of their ability (showing evidence of trying) and hand these in prior to the Diagnostic test on Monday, June 13th. After the diagnostic test, we will continue to explore solving equations and geometry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or give me a call. I am always willing to explain rationale or share my thoughts... 
Ms. SM

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