Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week One Interschool Edmodo Chat

The purpose of the Interschool Edmodo Chat is to explore news stories, articles or aspects of our current culture which connect to our Dystopian Novels. You are expected to watch the videos or read the articles, then respond to the questions. You are also encouraged to write responses to the posts of others.

When you write a post, be sure to compose a new post and not a reply to a post (even if it is the teacher's post), as this site will not allow others to "reply to a reply". Make sense?? I will assist you further in class if you need it.

If you were in the City of Ember Chat, I created a new code so that you could access the chat group in Edmodo.

Here is the link to the videos and the questions for all the books in the Edmodo Interschool Chat.

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