Monday, March 10, 2014

Today's Meet - Surveillance in Canada!!

Week 4 Live Chat! Today’s Meet Discussion Questions
Monday, March 10th
Big Question: Are you willing to trade your on-line privacy for national security?

9:35 Watch video on airport security (Maze Runner group already watched this but it is a great video that shows a true example)

9:40 Watch video on Security and Internet experts debate Canada’s secret surveillance program

I found this link as well if the other one isn’t working - matt

Extension Video
Here is an additional video on surveillance and digital technology companies, "Why Google won't protect you from big brother: Christopher Soghoian at TEDxSanJoseCA 2012" . It's 15 minutes, so view afterwards.

Questions for discussion in Today’s Meet
1) In your opinion, after watching these videos, what is more important security and safety or privacy?
2) How would you feel and react if you were one of the people who was innocently using their mobile devices in an airport and realized after that you were being monitored?
2) Do you believe monitoring of a country’s citizens is okay if it means more protection for all?
3) Why are some people more concerned than others when it comes to monitoring privacy?
4) Are there certain people that should be monitored more closely than others? Or does this set up discrimination and prejudice?
5) If this surveillance program was around when 9-11 happened, do you think that the Terrorist Attack would have been prevented?
6) In the video they are saying that they aren’t “really” watching you until they see a “red flag” that you may be in communication with someone who is a potential threat. Do you believe this statement? Why or why not?
7) What connections can you make between the two videos that you watched and your novel?
8) What is wrong with the viewpoint of Ray Boisvert (Fmr Assistant Director of Intelligence of CSIS) that it is okay to monitor those who were not originally from Canada?

10:30 Teachers go to the following poll website and the students can use their cell phone to answer the poll question which is our today’s meet big idea question. We thought it would be cool to see what the students truly believe after chatting with each other about it. They can also use the link provided and click either yes or no. I practiced and responded with a yes and a no just to make sure it worked so feel free to enter your opinion first. (use this link if students are responding by clicking either yes or no on the computer) (use this link if students are going to text their response on their phones you can just have this one on the data projector and it gives the students the numbers to text)

10:35 Today’s meet is over!

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