Friday, September 14, 2012

Top 9 Resources for an iPad Initiative

Top 9 Resources for an iPad Initiative  
Amanda Allen and David Lopez, who introduced a 1-to-1 iPad program at St. Genevieve Elementary in Los Angeles, suggest the apps, Web sites, and programs they found most useful.
1. Popplet--Simple, graphic organizing tool. All grade levels.
2. iCardSort--A virtual set of Post-It notes. Middle School and up.
3. Flashcards+--Allows students and teachers to easily create paperless flashcards. Syncs to a website called Quizlet that lets one download flashcards others have uploaded. “It’s kind of like crowdsourcing for studying,” Lopez said.
4. GoodReader--A digital PDF reader that allows students to highlight passages and take notes in the margins. Middle School and up.
5. Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Schools--Sells apps at a discount for schools when they are purchased in quantities of 20 or more. All grade levels.
6. Edmodo--One of “the best things teachers will use,” said Lopez. “In a nutshell it’s Facebook for the classroom. It looks and works like Facebook and it does everything: calendars, lists, document hosting, quiz assignments. It worked really well with the iPad program with our school. Everyone had a device and a place to communicate.” All grade levels.
7. website that provides current events for students. Middle School and up.
8. Good Notes--A note-taking app that records audio with the notes. Middle school and up.
9. Mathaliens--A basic mathematics app in which an alien pops up when students answer correctly. Kindergarten-fourth grade.

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