Friday, September 14, 2012

Free the Children Resources, Lessons and Sites


As young people, the world is in your hands. Yes, it might sound cliche... but it's
true. You will inherit the world, but why wait to make a difference?

Act now, get involved.

Apathy is not an option...

The people of the world are depending on your idealism, optimism and hard work!

Who are Craig and Marc Kielburger??

The accidental activists: Craig and Marc Kielburger - Community - Life - Canadian Living

Free the Children Official Site

Haiti and Free the Children Get Involved Youth Campaign
 - Lesson on Sustainability and continuing to assist Haiti
- Social Studies, ELA and Religion
-Youth Initiative Video with FTC and Haiti

October ...

Halloween for Hunger Site

Halloween for Hunger Lesson Plan

Halloween for Hunger Campaign - Getting Started


Vow of Silence

What is the Vow of Silence?

Vow of Silence How to Guide

Vow of Silence Lesson Plan

Check Youtube for Vow of Silence Promotional Videos to kick off campaign

Independent Review of Free the Children Resources by Barbara Hoskins
Explains how each resource is intended to be used and the integration into subject areas from ELA, to Social Studies to Religion to Technology...

Global Voices - Articles with lessons sent weekly - Integrate into ELA, Social and Religion

Directors of Change - A freely-available online curricular resource designed to promote civic engagement. It provides lesson plans so that students can identify issues of concern, research these issues and design web-based presentations to inform others and encourage action. This resource is designed to support learning in social studies, language arts and technology.

Called to Change the World - A resource guide designed in partnership with the Catholic Curriculum Corporation in Ontario, Canada. These materials are designed to follow the Catholic unifying themes and essential questions from their curriculum maps and use the effective teaching practices of Free the Children. These practices include: providing learner-centered activities to increase awareness, promoting critical thinking, developing communication skills, and engaging in socially responsible action with others.

Adobe Youth Voices - A program offered in partnership with the Adobe Foundation that provides teachers and students in underserved high schools the opportunity to use cutting edge multimedia to effect social change globally and locally. Participating students create media projects on an issue of their choosing and exhibit their projects at the end of the year. Teachers are provided with professional development to enhance their teaching strategies so that they can support their students in using media for social change.

Go Local - A program that serves teachers and students in underserved high schools and middle schools by providing leadership training to support student volunteerism in their local communities.

Take Action with Community Mapping – Materials developed in collaboration with the O Ambassadors Program. This is a highly accessible guidebook that can be used by teachers to assist young people in learning to make a difference in their local communities through community mapping. Community mapping guides students to assess the needs in their communities, identify strengths and resources, and develop action plans. This guidebook is visually engaging and uses relevant examples of activities taken by other young people.

We Schools in Action Program – Resources made available for schools for use in their service learning programs. It is designed to inspire students and give them the interactive tools needed to become involved in social justice and volunteerism. Print and internet resources are available through the We Schools website. Issues are presented in a way that is relevant to the lives and learning styles of young people. It provides students with forums for sharing plans and accomplishments and assists educators in mentoring young people to make positive changes in their communities and globally. The program does not solely encourage participation in Free the Children projects, but rather, students are taught how to create their own projects and make changes that are important to them.

Are you ever finished changing the world? Are you ever finished making a difference?? The answer is always "NO!!!!"

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