Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dystopian Fakebook Reminders

Fakebook Reminders.... You should have the following completed...

1. Bio (family, birth date, home town, school, interests, favourite quotes, movies, books)

2. Fakebook character friends...

3. Setting shown - Beginnings of the book... interactions with other characters (place and time frame... feelings at beginning)

4. Character Rant - Dystopian society angry rant... Feelings about the society you live in... anger towards ancestors for the problems you have in you society.

5. Character Memories - Memories of how things were for the character, and how things are at about 2/3's way through the novel.

6. Character Changes - Evolution of your character... Interactions with other characters about how you've changed. (5-6 interactions)....

7. Climax and the Character - Strong emotional recount of the events in the climax. How do you feel as a character? 
**Join a group that's against something in your novel. Create a "friend" that is a group... ie: Districts Unite Group... (do this the same as the friends).

8. Resolution and Final Feelings - Leave us wanting more of your Fakebook! How does everything end for your character? How do you feel?

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