Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Explore +4

My husband recently showed me a new math classroom organization strategy and it's known as the "Explore +4". After viewing the video I was blown away... So much in fact, I want to try this format asap! The video highlights a first year teacher, Aaron Warner, who implemented the strategy with some of his own twists, namely the integration of technology.  Although I see that it would take considerable effort to organize, once the structures are in place - it would run itself... Well, with lots of teacher planning!

One other thing, as you watch video, take a look at the long range plans for math planning, how the front white board is organized, bulletin board "I can..." affirmation statements. Pretty cool!

Here's the video, brought to you by my husband and his team of consultants...

Take the time to watch it... I'm sooo impressed with the work that has been done here, as well as a little jealous! ;-)

Grant Wiggins - Big Ideas... Listen to his podcast...

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