Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What does digital citizenship mean to you


What does digital citizenship mean to you?

Digital citizenship is usually defined as the "norms of behavior with regard to technology use." It encompasses digital literacy, ethics, etiquette, online safety, norms, rights, culture and more. Microsoft recognizes that good digital citizenship, when you use computers, gaming consoles, or mobile devices, promotes a safer online environment for all.

The visual whitepaper, "Fostering Digital Citizenship," discusses why digital citizenship matters and outlines the education young people need as they explore, learn, and essentially "grow-up" online. This paper also addresses the three types of risks you might encounter in online activities: Content, Contact, and Conduct.

Managing your online behavior and monitoring your reputation are important elements of good digital citizenship. Microsoft recently surveyed teen and parental attitudes, awareness of, and behaviors toward managing their online reputations.

Teens share considerably more information online than their parents and, as a result, expose themselves to more risk; they also feel more in control of their online reputations.

Teens believe the benefits of sharing information online outweigh the risks, with the exception of sharing a physical location.

Teens and parents worry about different things. Teens are most concerned about getting into college (57%), landing a job (52%,) and being embarrassed (42%). Parents worry about fraud (54%), being embarrassed (51%,) and career (43%).

The encouraging results suggest that American parents and teens are actively managing their online reputations—and with an eye toward good digital citizenship.

Below are resources to help you learn more about digital citizenship and protect your online reputation:

Policy background: Digital Citizenship (PDF)

Digital Citizenship: Testimonials from the Experts (PDF)

Own Your Space – An Online Reputation That Counts: A Guide for Teens supplemental chapter (PDF)

For educators: Top Tips for Secondary Schools (PDF)

Fact sheet: Take Charge of Your Online Reputation (PDF)

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