Wednesday, September 19, 2012

EAL Video Resources


Check out the links below to explore EAL video resources to help engage students and develop their language skills. Most of these sites are FREE, but you will need to set up an account to account to access the games and resources.

The compilation of sites was taken from the following blog author, "LadyShallot"

She explains why she likes to use on-line resources quite well on her blog, however I included a "snip it" of her explanation below.

 Internet which is the largest library in the world is the best helper for us most of the time since it is a good resource for supplementary materials in teaching. It provides us search engines, blogs, online dictionaries, online books, stories and reading passages, exercises, games, songs videos etc. All these are perfects uses of internet for a language teacher. There are also websites, blogs and forums specially prepared for English Language Teaching. In those websites, blogs or forums, we come across with different language teachers from different countries, and their different instructional techniques. We can adapt some of these techniques there to our classes easily, or we can find alternative exercises, tasks or applications for our students. Here I will give some useful websites which I used for my teachings:

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