Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Protests - Current Events

Should They Stay or Should They Go??
Grade 7/8, what do you think?

Let's explore the sides...
News Article...

Occupy Wall Street Photogallery - New York City

Occupy Regina Photogallery

Occupy Wall Street - Across Canada

Occupy Toronto... Both Sides of the Story... Interview with Evan Soloman

Check out the link above for both sides of the story... look at the pictures on the photogallery... Then make a decision... Should They Stay or Should They Go???
Create a T- Chart and compare the different points of view behind the issue.

Should civil governments be allowed to evict the protestors? Jot down reasons for both sides... It's important to see both points of view. Then decide, based on the evidence... Should they (the protestors) stay or should they go??  Hand in a T-Chart with your final decision explaining WHY you think what you do...

Here's a little music to inspire and leave you thinking... This was a popular song when I was in University!!

EXTENSION... The french had issues with how the rich monarchy was so disconnected to the needs of the people... who were starving... so they revolted...
Check out the video below and see if you can make the connection... between the French during the reign of Louis IV and Mary Antoinette...

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