Thursday, April 17, 2014

Last Today's Meet

The Interschool Digital Dystopian Book Club Last Today’s Meet Discussion!

It's our last chat!!!
Take a moment to watch a video based on our project. This short video sums up some of the issues and questions we explored, activities from the unit, and finally your reactions. The project was very well received by teachers who attended to Digital EdCamp a couple weeks ago. Teachers from all over Saskatchewan who are interested in using technology attended the conference and were quite excited to see what you did. You are famous… well among Saskatchewan teachers! ;-)

Video link “The Interschool Digital Dystopian Book Club Project”
**Allow for time to load. It takes awhile.

Before you start the chat, think about what Faction you would be in. Now find out if you are right. Take the What Faction Are You? Divergent test. It will only take about 4-5 minutes.

Divergent Aptitude Test

Questions to consider…
A couple weeks ago we had the opportunity to attend Divergent and meet F2F (face to face) all the other students from St Gabriel and Deshaye who were in our Dystopian Book Club! What a fantastic day!!

Anyways, for our last Today's Meet Live Chat... We are going to discuss your questions! Today’s questions were taken from the survey (Survey Monkey) as well as questions that you may have explored with your teacher after the movie, Divergent. Before we begin, we just want to thank you for your participation, engagement and excellent work you did in this project. Thank you again for taking the time to complete the survey! As teachers it is really important that we have an understanding of your thoughts from the project.
Thanks again for your time and for the honest feedback!

After watching the movie, there were a few themes or messages that seemed to come up. These questions included:

What faction were you? Were you surprised by the result? Is the test accurate?

Is categorizing people the answer to peace in society??

Why is conformity an easy answer to society's problems? How is it not a solution?
Is being "Divergent" a benefit to society? In a dystopian society or even our society?

What do you think “Divergent” would be in our society? Who are the divergent people in our society?

What message can we take away from the movie?

In the movie it was said that, “humanity is driven to destruction”. Is humanity really driven to destruction? What are your thoughts?

How is this film (and book!) and example of dystopia?

What characteristics from our Dystopian References do you have to back up your thoughts? How was Tris a Dystopian Protagonist?

What other questions can we explore? Add them to the chat! Jot note them on your paper or remember to share them during the chat.
Lastly, after exploring a few connections between dystopian trends in our society and our novels, do you agree or disagree that our world is becoming dystopian? Are there any recent events that make you feel this way? What is it about the event that connects to this theme?

What do YOU think we can do in our own lives to ensure that we do not head down one of the many paths of dystopia? What trend in our society is one we must consider the most in preventing dystopia?


Teacher Leader
Today’s Meet Link
Mr. Bresciani
Ms. Stewart-Mitchell/Ms. Treptau
City of Ember
Ms. Stewart-Mitchell
Hunger Games
Mr. Rieger
Among the Hidden
Ms. Nicolson
Eleventh Plague
Mrs. Folk

Mr. Redler
Maze Runner
Ms. Treptau

Edmodo Questions for the Dystopian Book Club...

If you have not yet posted all of your Edmodo assignments, please post to Kidblog (not Edmodo) and I will read them. Ms. Stewie


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