Monday, May 7, 2012

Tests this Week then Toga Day

Tuesday, May 8th - Social Test - Culture Unit (allowed a study sheet)
Wednesday, May 9th - ELA Greek Mythology Test (allowed a study sheet)
Thursday, May 10th - French Quiz (study adjectives, avoir and etre conjugations) - "Knowledge Wall"
Thursday, May 10th - Unit 8 Integers Test grade 8 (allowed a study sheet)
Friday, May 11th - Greek "Feast-Potluck and Toga Day"
Greek Potluck and Toga Day
9:00 Come dressed in toga outfits or as a Greek Mythological Character
9:30 Share myths in small groups (ensure that your myth is on kidblog for comments)
11:30 Greek Feast and Potluck (bring any food item to share at the potluck... Remember it's lunch, so bring some "lunch" type food, not just chips and dip.)
2:30 Share the Student composed myths (or finish sharing) and participate in a ...
Socratic Questioning Lesson - I know you are thinking, "How can an old guy like Socrates teach us to think better? I mean come on, he was from Athens and lived during the time of the Ancient Greeks! What can we learn from him???" Oh lots... actually his method of questioning will become "food for thought for our Dystopian Unit".... Oh the connections you will make to learning....

For more on Socratic Questioning.... You young Greek Philosophers, check out the following sites...

Next week or week and a half...
Religion Test on Sacraments... we will finish this lesson with the videos from Busted Halo (If you have no idea what I'm talking about... Read this blog!!!  )

By the way, we will slightly overlap the Dystopia unit with Greek Mythology this week... just because you are excited to start, as Rolan stated in class one day,
"I've never been so excited to get depressed by the future!" Well said Rolan, I know these Dystopian books are a tad dark and gritty... but they sure make you think about the connections to our present!! I'm pumped to start too!

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